Asphalt Reinforcement Grid Installation

Asphalt reinforcement grids such as Fortifix enhance asphalt performance when installed correctly. ABG offer asphalt reinforcement systems installations with partner organisations.

Asphalt Reinforcement Systems – ABG’s range of asphalt reinforcement products are composite systems which combine a reinforcement grid of steel or glass fibre with a non-woven polyester geotextile to aid installation

Asphalt Reinforcement Grid Installation

Installation of asphalt reinforcement grids is the key to getting the maximum benefit of a good quality pavement with the longest possible maintenance periods.

We offer a full installation service for our Fortifix range of asphalt reinforcement grids, through our partnership with Recomac Surfacing. We have the ability to carry out installations ranging from small local authority resurfacing works up to large scale motorway works using specialist mechanical installation plant.

ABG’s range of asphalt grids are manufactured from galvanised steel cord strands or coated glass fibres combined with a non woven polyester geotextile. The polyester geotextile works with the bitumen bond coat to form a strong interface with the receiving surface. This allows site traffic to track the Fortifix or Rotaflex and place overlay surfacing materials without lifting and damaging the reinforcing grid.

As well as forming a bond the bitumen interaction with Fortifix provides a watertight seal over underlying layers. As overlay material is applied, the bond coat reactivates and creates a stress absorbing membrane interface (or SAMI) in conjunction with the geotextile, while allowing the geogrid to prevent any movement reaching the upper layers.

The main applications for Fortifix are to prevent cracking and rutting in asphalt pavements and overlaying concrete.

Recomac offer a full asphalt reinforcement service. With multiple teams of experienced installers, they run calibrated, modern sprayers operated by fully trained, NHSS13 accredited crews. Recomac surfacing’s fleet of bulk spray tankers are used for surface dressing and general road surfacing, as well as asphalt reinforcement installation. They have specialist equipment for thermal road repairs to complement their asphalt reinforcement services.

A good quality bond coat is essential to the success of as asphalt reinforcement grid and Recomac have access to, and the ability to spray K1-70 bond coat, polymer modified emulsion. All sprayers use fully extendable calibrated spray bars.

Both ABG and Recomac surfacing are long serving members of the RSTA and have made considerable contribution to the development of standards within the asphalt reinforcement industry. As well as having NHSS13 qualified staff, Recomac are registered to Constructionline and CHAS.