Webwall Geocell

Webwall green wall earth retaining wall soil confinement geocell system

Cellular structure confines and strengthens weak soils allowing site won materials to be used in the construction of retaining walls.

Webwall Geocell

ABG webwall is a flexible geocell retaining wall system that utilises geocell technology. Using Webwall geocell for green faced walls with near vertical faces can be built quickly and easily with the added benefit of using site won materials as fill


  • Noise barriers
  • Retaining walls
  • Steep slopes
  • Blast bunds
  • Anti-ram bunds
  • Earth retaining walls


  • Ideal with weak foundation soils
  • Site won material can be utilised
  • Cost effective
  • Vegetated finish

Cost savings over traditional earth retaining wall constructions along with a green vegetated finish can be achieved by using the Webwall system. It is ideal in situations with weak foundation soils and often allows site won materials to be used as fill thereby saving on the cost of removal and also the cost of importing structural fills.

The retaining wall structure is formed from horizontal layers of Webwall geocell filled and placed one on top of another. The front face of the structure can be filled with top soil and then vegetated through seeding or planting to create a vegetated finish.

Webwall geocell offers many cost advantages over other retaining wall systems including lower labour costs, cheaper materials and reduced maintenance.

Installation of geocell for a green faced retaining wall

Typical Client Profile:

  • Landscape Architects
  • Housing Developers / Retail Developers
  • Highways Authorities
  • Highways Engineers
  • Drainage Consultants
  • Local Authorities

ABG Webwall geocell for steep-faced green walls on a a SuDS balancing pond
ABG Webwall geocell for steep-faced green walls and embankments


SuDS Attenuation Pond Retaining Wall, Colchester Essex

Retaining Wall – Flood Defences, Forge Bridge, Keswick, UK

Earth Retaining Wall, Ramsden Reservoir, Holme Valley, Yorkshire

Retaining Wall for SuDS Attenuation Pond, Nottingham

Vegetated Roadside Embankment, Pembrokeshire

Highways Retaing Wall / Embankment Retention, Clitheroe, UK

Vegetated Steep Slope Retaining Wall, Westfield, Pembrokeshire

ABG Webwall geocell for grass vegetated retaining wall

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Gravity Retaining Walls - Carbon Footprint Saving

The use of ABG Webwall Geocell can save up to 77% on the carbon footprint compared with traditional gabion baskets gravity retaining walls:

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The use of ABG Webwall Geocell can save up to 77% on the carbon footprint compared with traditional gabion baskets gravity retaining walls:

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