Terrex SNW Geotextile

Terrex SNW Geotextile

Needle punched geotextile engineered to provide maximum CBR, puncture resistance and tensile strength at optimum cost.

Terrex SNW Geotextile

The Terrex SNW geotextile range are engineered to provide unrivalled CBR puncture resistance and tensile strength offering maximum protection at optimum cost levels.


The Terrex SNW geotextile range is suitable for many applications including;

  • Protection - utilising the high puncture and tensile strengths Terrex SNW provides outstanding protection to membranes and liners in landfill and reservoir engineering.
  • Separation - Terrex SNW geotextiles can be used to prevent intermixing of dissimilar soil layers. The mechanical properties combined with high elongation ensure the products survive the rigours of construction.
  • Filtration - The fine pore size and high permeability properties make Terrex SNW an ideal choice for demanding filtration applications, such as coastal engineering
  • Wrapping SuDS infiltration and attenuation tank systems


  • Maximum performance at minimum weight
  • Cost effective
  • High puncture resistance
  • Superior protection properties

ABG Terrex SNW geotextiles are used in many civil engineering and construction applications including the construction of highways, rail permanent way, landfill, coastal defences and sustainable urban drainage systems.Terrex SNW geotextiles are a thick filter / protection fabric that offer outstanding performance at minimum weight. When compared to other needle punched geotextiles of similar weight, Terrex SNW provides superior puncture resistance and are ideal for liner protection, basal geomembrane protection and coastal protection applications.

Terrex SNW geotextiles are non-woven needlepunch fabrics constructed from polypropylene staple fibre designed to offer outstanding performance at minimum weight and offer superior protection properties when compared with many other needle punched geotextiles of a comparable weight.

Protection geotextiles are used in Coastal applications

Terrex SNW geotextile for protection in Coastal applications

ABG Protection geotextile, protecting a waterproof geomembrane

Terrex SNW geotextile protecting the waterproof geomembrane

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