EcoBloc Inspect

Ecobloc Inspect is a cellular system designed to form underground voids allowing the infiltration, detention, retention or harvesting of rainwater collected as part of SuDS scheme.


  • Rainwater infiltration, retention or rainwater harvesting


  • Easy to install, inspect and maintain
  • Configurable to suit site requirements
  • Strong enough to carry loaded trucks
  • High void capacity
  • Long service life

Open structure allows highly efficient 96% void ratio

The modular concept allows the system size and bearing capacity to be tailored to suit site specific requirements in both trafficked and non-trafficked areas.

Designed correctly EcoBloc has the capacity for a heavy-duty lorry bearing capacity of up to 60 tons, with as little as 800mm earth covering. Even under very heavy loads the EcoBloc system can be installed at a depth of up to 5 metres, meaning that up to 14 layers are possible.

EcoBloc modules are easy to both transport and install. To save space during transport two modules are stacked one inside the other, halving transport costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

The lightweight units are easy to handle on site and the modular system structure requires few accessories and no specialist tools for installation. The EcoBloc system allows easy access for inspection and monitoring and is robust enough to resist high pressure jetting during routine maintenance.

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