Roofdrain drainage geocomposite for green roofs, blueroofs and roof SuDS attenuation

Roofdrain core allows attenuation of water whilst allowing free drainage during periods of peak rainfall.


Roofdrain is designed for use in extensive green roof systems. It provides both drainage and attenuation in a convenient, lightweight and cost effective system.


  • Green roof drainage
  • Green Bridges and Green Tunnels
  • Extensive green roofs
  • Brown roofs and biodiverse roof drainage
  • Water attenuation
  • SUDs Systems


  • Prevents plants from dying out
  • Prevents waterlogging
  • Provides drainage
  • Assists in roof cooling
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install

The drainage design of intensive green roofs requires only a simple soil layer; by contrast the modern method of an extensive green roof requires a combination of efficient drainage and water attenuation in order to allow the ecology to flourish. 

Roofdrain allows the storage of water within the nodes of the of the HDPE core whilst facilitating the efficient drainage of any excess water away from the roof. This helps prevent the root growing media from drying out during dry periods and from becoming waterlogged during periods of wet.

When used within a roof construction Roofdrain provides a versatile system for the collection of surplus seepage water at the base of the growing medium and for the prevention of water pressure on the structural waterproofing.

ABG Roofdrain drainage sheets being installed for a green roof application

ABG Roofdrain geocomposite is used in the construction of green bridges and green tunnels to protect the waterproofing and provide drainage to the structure, which removes the need for bulky porous blocks and the logistical challenge of importing granular fill.

ABG Roofdrain geocomposite provides structural drainage on green bridge projects

Typical Client Profile:

  • Drainage Contractors
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Roofing System Suppliers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Local Authority Planning Depts.
  • Green Roof consultants

Case Studies / Recent Projects:

Roofdrain drainage geocomposite has been installed on the following projects:

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