Pozidrain Protector

Pozidrain Protector

High performance composite allows drainage of leachate and gases whilst simultaneously proving geomembrane protection.

Pozidrain Protector

Pozidrain Protector is developed specifically for use in landfill basal lining systems to collect and drain leachate whilst providing protection to the geomembrane lining systems.


  • Landfill Base Lining
  • Groundwater Drainage
  • Leachate Drainage
  • Geomembrane Protection


  • Proven puncture protection
  • High drainage capability
  • Ease of installation
  • Clog free
  • Reduces drainage stone
  • Creates landfill volume
  • Reduces traffic to site

The wide width Pozidrain Protector drainage geocomposite creates more landfill volume by replacing the conventional drainage stone whilst offering reliable drainage properties through the factory produced drainage core.

Landfill Basal Groundwater Drainage using ABG Geosynthetics

It consists of Pozidrain bonded to a heavyweight needle punched geotextile protector and offers a combination of drainage and geomembrane protection in a single product.

The protection efficiency of the combined materials is enough to resist the rigours of the installation, the cell construction and the long-term loading.

Pozidrain Protector reduces the hydraulic head within the structure and is proven to reduce stress on the geomembrane as well as providing the basal lining system with protection from puncturing.

Pozidrain Protector is part of same group of drainage geocomposites as Pozidrain and Pozidrain G. For capillary break and salt barrier applications see Pozibreak.

Landfill Basal Groundwater Drainage using ABG Pozidrain Protector geocomposite


Landfill Basal Drainage, Lean Quarry, Cornwall, UK

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Soil Drainage - Carbon Footprint Saving

The use of ABG Pozidrain Protector Drainage Geocomposite can save up to 94% on the carbon footprint compared with traditional granular soil drainage methods:

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Carbon footprint reduction using ABG geosynthetics for soil drainage verses traditional methods

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