Pozidrain G Geocomposite

Pozidrain G Geocomposite

Patented core configuration allows cross directional flow to eliminate the risk of clogging associated with drainage strips.

Pozidrain G Geocomposite

Geocomposite for landfill cap drainage, gas-venting, ground water drainage and leachate management. Particularly useful on steep slopes where its core structure offers enhanced frictional performance whilst providing protection to the lining system.


  • Landfill cap drainage
  • Gas venting
  • Leachate management
  • Groundwater drainage control
  • Liner protection
  • Drainage on steep slopes
  • Cost effective drainage layer for ground water drainage applications


    • Enhanced frictional performance
    • Unique interlocking with soil backfill
    • Superior frictional performance to any other conventional geocomposite drainage layer enabling construction of steeper slopes
    • Provides drainage capacity in both long and cross direction
    • Available in 3 thicknesses (4mm, 6mm and 7mm) to provide adequate flow capacity for specific applications
    • Patented geocomposite drainage layer with specifically designed drainage core to provide optimum frictional and drainage performance for steep slope installations

    Pozidrain G is designed as a cost effective geocomposite for landfill cap drainage, gas-venting, ground water drainage and leachate management. It is particularly useful on steep slopes where its patented core structure offers enhanced frictional performance whilst providing protection to the lining system.

    Pozidrain G geocomposite has a lattice structure core which offers superior interface friction performance on steep slopes. This has been confirmed in a series of direct shear tests which compared the performance of Pozidrain G against other conventional geocomposites.

    Results from these tests show the measured interface shear strength for the Pozidrain G4SD (4mm)  geocomposite to be 20% stronger than the interface with other geocomposites. The results from tests on the 6mm and 7mm Pozidrain G interfaces show the increase in shear strength to be even greater.

    This could represent an improvement in the factor of safety for the stability of very steep slopes. Alternatively this could enable the steepening of the slopes at the same factor of safety with the obvious commercial benefits in terms of increased waste capacity.

     ABG Pozidrain G steep slopes

     ABG Pozidrain G geocomposite roll installation
     ABG Pozidrain G Landfill drainage for steep slopes

    The patented core configuration in Pozidrain G geocomposite permits cross directional flow which helps mitigate the risk of system failure should the core sustain damage otherwise. This is a potential cause of soil saturation, leading to slope failure, associated with products that utilise only drainage strips.

     ABG Pozidrain G Landfill drainage and gas venting geocomposite

    Pozidrain GSD consists of a patented lattice cuspated HDPE drainage core laminated between one or two layers of medium weight non-woven filtration/protection geotextile.

    The innovative use of a drainage lattice permits cross flow within the drainage composite. This offers significant advantages over other products that utilise drainage strips, rather than a lattice, within their composition. A further benefit is the lattice core prevents ‘torpedoing’; a problem with products based on strips which makes them difficult both to lay and to handle.

    Using this core technology, Pozidrain G range offers engineers and contractors a high performance drainage solution with a combination of high-flow capacity, separation and reinforcement properties, helping address construction issues in many civil
    engineering applications.

    Pozidrain G Range


    Consolidation Drainage Layer, Magna Park, Lutterworth UK

    Landfill Capping Steep Slopes, Silent Valley, Ebbw Vale, UK

    Landfill Capping Steep Slopes, Swansea, UK

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    Soil Drainage - Carbon Footprint Saving

    The use of ABG Pozidrain G Drainage Geocomposite can save up to 94% on the carbon footprint compared with traditional granular soil drainage methods:

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