Pozibreak - Capillary Break

Pozibreak - Capillary Break

High strength cuspated core supports the bonded geotextile and prevents the void closing under the action of the soil pressure.

Pozibreak - Capillary Break

Pozibreak is designed specifically as a drainage void layer installed to protect the imported clean soils from the rise of contaminated ground through capillary action, and as a salt barrier where saline groundwater and surface water is to be separated.


  • Protecting vegetation from saline groundwater
  • Salt Barrier
  • Providing a capillary break over contaminated groundwater
  • Frost Barrier


  • Rapid installation
  • Reduced material movements on site
  • Eliminates the requirement for imported filter stone
  • High impact and crush strength
  • High flow capacity
  • Ease and speed of installation without specialist equipment
  • Provides a true capillary break against the rise of saline water

Pozibreak uses ABG's cuspated core as it is essential that the void is maintained and that the upper and lower geotextile layers cannot touch each other under the action of the soil pressure. Similarly, unless the core is impermeable one side, it is essential that the core does not become totally saturated and therefore that the core has a very high lateral in-plane flow capacity in multiple directions.

Capillary break geocomposite drainage system

Typical Client Profile:

  • Landscape Architects
  • Landscaping Contractors
  • Coastal / Marine Engineers
  • Saltwater Canal and River Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Ministries of Public Affairs

There are two forms of Pozibreak:


Comprising a single-cuspated core with good long term compressive strength, a practically impermeable lower side and a very high in-plane multi-directional flow capacity, laminated to a non-woven geotextile. The geotextile allows clean sub-surface water to freely enter the core but prevents intrusion of the soil into the core. The core provides the void by the excellent support given to the geotextile and transmits the clean water horizontally to collection pipes.

The practically impermeable lower side of the core provides a barrier to the capillary water for added protection in addition to the void. This is a particularly useful feature when saline or contaminated water cannot be allowed to mix with the clean water.

The impermeable core means that saturation of the core void at local low spots can be permitted without risk of breaching the integrity of the barrier.

Pozibreak Unperforated Capillary Break layer


Comprising a perforated single-cuspated core with good long term compressive strength and a very high in-plane multi-directional flow capacity, laminated to non-woven geotextiles on both sides. The geotextile allows water to freely enter the core but prevents intrusion of the soil into the core. The core provides the void by giving excellent support to the geotextile and creates a path for excess water to flow horizontally. The perforations allow the clean water to exit through the lower side of the core into the ground below but this relies on the ground having adequate permeability.The flat area of the core discourages the capillary moisture from entering the core.

The in-plane flow capacity of the core must be designed to remove all of the expected sub-surface water entry from theoverlying soil without the core becoming saturated at the site designed specific gradient and outfall/collector spacing.

Both types use non-woven geotextiles selected for compatibility with a wide range of soils but ABG will perform site specific designs when requested. The upper geotextile is hydrophilic with zero break through head which means that water will pass without resistance. This is particularly important when the over lying soil layer is relatively thin.

Pozibreak is installed above the water table and can be installed quickly and easily without specialist equipment and with simple training for the installation team.

Capillary break perforated geocomposite drainage system

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