Rotagrid Geogrid – Pavement Reinforcement

Rotagrid is a self adhesive pavement reinforcement system designed to prolong the life of pavement structures and allow the use of thinner overlays.


  • Control of reflective cracking
  • Control of cracking at road widening joints
  • Rut prevention
  • Lean mix road base cracking


  • Permits thinner underlays
  • Eliminates requirement for deep planing
  • Compatible with all modern surfacing
  • Versatile
  • Works in both new build and maintenance
  • Withstands asphalt laying temperatures

It is manufactured from high strength glass fibres within a protective polymer coating. Glass has high tensile strength at low elongation (typically below 4%) which is essential as bituminous pavements can crack at elongations as low as 1%.

ABG Rotagrid pavement reinforcement is a versatile system used in maintenance and new construction schemes to prevent problems such as:

  • Reflective cracking, a major problem on both major and minor roads leading to pot holes and poor ride quality – ABG Rotagrid pavement reinforcement strengthens existing and new roads and prevents crack propagation through to new surfacing layers which can extend road maintenance intervals.
  • Cracking at road widening joints – Differential settlement can be a problem where existing roads are widened or where haunches are repaired, ABG Rotagrid pavement reinforcement is used to span the joint and help prevent cracks from developing.
  • Rut prevention – Rutting presents a serious safety issue on high speed roads and can be effectively reduced by the inclusion of ABG Rotagrid asphalt reinforcement within new surfacing materials.
  • Lean mix road base cracking – ABG Rotagrid pavement reinforcement retards crack growth from underlying lean concrete road bases and removes the need for full reconstruction or expensive thick inlay or overlays

Glass fibre construction exhibits high tensile strength at low elongation allowing the use of thinner overlays.


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