Dekotex Geogrid – Bridge Deck Indicator

Dekotex indicator layer is designed specifically for use in bridge deck construction to act as a warning layer to protect waterproofing during resurfacing or repair work.

High visibility orange grid provides visual protection to bridge deck waterproofing systems.


  • High visibity warning layer for bridge deck waterproofing
  • Warning for shallow service cables


  • Easy to install
  • High visibility

Dekotex geogrid indicator mesh is a bright red, self adhesive PVC coated Glass Fibre Grid, designed specifically as an indicator layer to identify and protect bridge deck waterproofing and shallow services from damage during future resurfacing or repair work. The high visibility mesh quickly shows in any arisings during excavation or resurfacing works on bridge decks.

Traditionally, bridge deck waterproofing has been protected by a red asphalt sand carpet which can be expensive and difficult to obtain in small quantities.

During planing or excavation, red asphalt may not have sufficient contrast to immediately alert the operative. However, the high visibility red glass fibre grid of the Dekotex indicator layer will quickly show in planings during excavations and resurfacing works on bridge decks and warn of the proximity of the substrate to be protected.

Dekotex is used as an indicator layer in bituminous materials to give warning of sensitive material below e.g. bridge deck waterproofing, shallow service cables etc.

Incorporating a pressure-sensitive bonding layer to hold it in place during subsequent paving operations, Dekotex is quick and easy to lay. A regulating layer is prepared before a light tack coat is applied. The Dekotex is then installed before being overlaid.

Why use Dekotex Bridge Indicator Mesh?

  • Dekotex high visibility red colour is easily identifiable within the arisings or in the bottom or sides of a trench.
  • With its self adhesive backing, Dekotex is quick and easy install without the need for specialist training or plant.
  • Dekotex is robust enough to withstand the rigours of the paving process.
  • Dekotex is resistant to all chemicals commonly associated with highways (petrol, salt, water etc).
  • Dekotex offers a life expectancy in excess of 120 years, ensuring it lasts the whole life of the project.

Also available is ABG Abtex TC; an orange woven geotextile fabric that provides the same function in unbonded materials and soils.

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