ABG Piledrain geocomposite drainage system is designed as an effective solution for the treatment of joints between contiguous and secant bored concrete piles in basement and retaining wall construction.

High performance core eliminates build-up of hydrostatic pressure within piled structures


  • Drainage of contiguous and secant piled walls


  • Robust
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Non-clogging
  • Eliminates hydrostatic pressure

Using Piledrain in retaining walls eliminates the build up of hydrostatic pressure within the structure. Piledrain drainage composite can be used as a replacement for a no-fines concrete layer, or be used in addition to concrete for added security.

Piledrain is robust and lightweight and is easily installed in both vertical and horizontal applications; the geotextile fabric acts as a filtering and restraining medium to allow the flow of water into the three dimensional core and then on to the outlet drain.

In basement constructions, Piledrain gives added security to BS8102 Grade 1 & 2 basements. Piledrain can be cast into the final concrete face, or alternatively sprayed concrete can be applied onto the surface to create the final finish.

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