Extensive Green Roof Systems

Extensive green roof system components from ABG Geosynthetics

An Extensive Green Roof including drainage & reservoir layer, growing media and plug plants.

Extensive Green Roof Systems

Extensive green roof systems characteristically consisting of a shallow layer of growing media; typically 80mm deep. This is planted with a variety of drought tolerant hardy plants, such as sedums.


  • New build & refurb
  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Flat & Pitched Roofs
  • Roofs with limited access


  • Increased roof lifespan
  • Reduced run-off
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lightweight 

Extensive Green Roofs are the most common type and are relatively self-sufficient; they are not designed or constructed with the intention of being trafficked by pedestrians. Whilst not providing any kind of amenity area they do contribute to improving air quality, reducing the visual impact of the roof and assist in controlling rain water run-off/ harvesting as well as contributing to the acoustic and thermal properties of the roof.

Extensive Green Roof Systems are characteristically lightweight, with saturated loadings ranging from 80 – 120kg per m2.  An ABG Extensive Green Roof System typically consists of a drainage & reservoir layer; Roofdrain, a lightweight  Extensive growing media, aluminium edge profiles and a vegetation layer.

Typical Client Profile:

  • Landscape Architects
  • Drainage Consultants
  • Local Authority Planning Depts.
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Roofing System Suppliers
  • Main Client

Drone Footage of the ABG Green Roof Project at Leeds Skelton Lake Services in the UK


Extensive Green Roof, Leeds Skelton Lake Services, UK

Green Roof System, Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool. UK

ABG blueroof Biodiverse Extensive green roofs, London UK

Green Roof System, Recycling & Energy Facility, Leeds

ABG blueroof Green Extensive Roof, Huddersfield University

Extensive Green Roof, Center Parcs, Woburn, Beds.

ABG blueroof Green Extensive Roof, Rathbone Market, UK

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Extensive green roof system from ABG Geosynthetics

Associated System Products

Within an extensive green roof system, the following geosynthetic products and accessories may be used in the extensive green roof design:


Roofdrain is designed for use in extensive green roof systems. It provides both drainage and attenuation in a convenient, lightweight and cost effective system.

Extensive Growing Media

A blend of water retaining aggregates, crushed brick and organic material mixed to provide an extensive substrate to meet customer specifications.  Extensive substrates are a versatile lightweight general purpose green roof growing media ideal for sedum matting systems and substrate based systems supporting hardier lower maintenance plants such as sedum.

Pre Grown Sedum Mat

ABG’s green roof vegetation mats are supplied ready-to-roll-out as an instant vegetation layer.  An attractive mix of more than 16 varieties of sedum with differing colours and leaf forms for low maintenance and extreme drought tolerance.

Plug Plants

The 'plugs' are varieties of sedums, herbs and perennials, planted by hand to the required density.   Available in a wide range of species to suit the individual requirements of the project.

Abpro Aluminium Profiles

ABG Abpro Aluminium Profiles are designed for use in a variety of green roof applications as an edge restraint or as segregation between different materials.

ABG Green Roof Access Chambers

Purpose designed to create an inspection point around a roof outlet.

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