Erosamat Type 4 - Biodegradable Coir Blanket

Erosamat Type 4K PP Erosion Control Matting

Mix of 100% biodegradable straw and/or coir matting

Erosamat Type 4 - Biodegradable Coir Blanket

Biodegradable matting available in both plain and preseeded variations for immediate surface protection against erosion.


- Erosion Contol
- Surface Protection
- Slope Protection


- Eliminates on-site seeding
- Easy to lay, even on steep slopes
- Retains soil moisture
- Insulates underlying soils
- Extends successful sowing period
- Good value

Erosamat Type 4 is a natural biodegradable mat for immediate surface protection and erosion control until the natural vegetation is established. Type 4 is available either plain or pre-seeded with a wide variety of seed types.

Erosamat Type 4K PP consists of 100% coir matting stitched together between two binding layers of photodegradable polymer mesh. For effective protection and successful germination, it is essential that the Erosamat is pinned into totally close contact with the underlying soil.

Erosamat Type 4 erosion control matting after installation

Erosamat Type 4 products have applications in the initial protection of water channels, highway embankment slopes, landfill caps, restorations and landscaping schemes subject to surface erosion prior to the establishment of vegetation cover.

Erosamat 4K PP provides 99% soil cover and will slowly degrade to form nutrients to support vegetation.

Erosamat Type 4 erosion control matting after installation


  • Material: 100% mattress grade coir
  • Mass/unit area (g/m2): Approx. 400
    Brown / Black

Product Dimensions

  • Standard roll dimensions: 2m wide x 50m long
  • Weight: 40Kg per roll
  • Roll diameter: 350mm


  • Fixing pins (300 mm long as standard) supplied in boxes of 500.
  • Biopins (150mm long) are also available.
  • Longer pins are required for loose soils, please enquire.

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