Erosamat Type 3 - Turf Reinforcement Mat

Erosamat Brown Erosion Control Geosynthetic

Thermally bonded matrix of polypropylene fibres create a tough, flexible and long lasting erosion control mat

Erosamat Type 3 - Turf Reinforcement Mat

Erosamat Type 3 is a closely packed matrix of polypropylene fibres thermally bonded together to create a tough and flexible, long lasting erosion control mat. 


  • Root reinforcement
  • Top soil protection
  • River bed protection & channel erosion control
  • Slope erosion control
  • Reservoir spillway erosion control
  • Grassed flood embankments


  • Long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tough, yet flexible
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Assists permanent vegetation growth

Erosamat Type 3 turf reinforcement mat (TRM) is an erosion control geosynethetic made from a matrix of non-biodegradable polypropylene fibres. Erosamat Type 3 is suitable for all situations where an element of non-biodegradable erosion control is required (i.e water channels) in conjunction with natural vegetation. As a system the erosion control mat provides the root reinforcement necessary for natural vegetation to resist the extreme effects of wind, rain and water erosion.

When installed, Erosamat Type 3 turf reinforcing mat is filled with top soil and provides excellent surface protection. As the vegetation become established the roots become entwined within the structure of the Erosamat Type 3. This provides anchorage for the vegetation to resist high shear/stress situations. Work by CIRIA has shown that such mats can double permitted channel velocity.

Erosamat Type 3 turf reinforcement mat for retaining soil on slopes

Typical Client Profile:

  • Commercial growers
  • Environment agency
  • Local Authority Planning Departments
  • Water companies
  • Utilities companies

Erosamat Type 3 erosion control geosynthetic

Erosamat Erosion control Type 3 Erosion Control on a highway slope


Highway Embankment Erosion Control, M62 J26 Chain Bar, UK

Reinforced Grass Flood Defence Embankment, Whittlesey, UK

Reservoir Spillway Erosion Control, Black Moss Reservoir, Lancashire

Flood Embankment Erosion Control, Barrow Haven, Humber Estuary

Reinforced Grassed River Embankment, Selkirk FPS, Scotland

Reinforced Grassed Spillway Erosion Control, Allermoor, Somerset

Railway Embankment Erosion Control, Kegworth, East Midlands

Steep Rail Cutting Erosion Control, HS1 Boxley, Kent UK

Rockfall Protection Carvoeira, Portugal

Other Case Studies:

ABG Erosmat Type 3 Erosion control geosynthetic matting has been used in the following projects:

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