Enkagrid Pro Geogrid

ABG Enkagrid Pro Geogrid

Uniaxial high strength laser-welded geogrid structure provides superior mechanical properties and the long term performance.

Enkagrid Pro Geogrid

Enkagrid PRO geogrid can be used in reinforcement of slopes, earth walls, embankments, platforms and foundations in civil engineering applications providing reinforcement and stabilsiation functions.


  • Steep slopes
  • Highway / road embankments
  • Earth retaining walls
  • Segmental block walls
  • Gabions
  • Bridge abutments
  • Railway embankments
  • Platforms
  • Foundations


  • Redistributes shear forces within soil
  • Improves internal stability of soil
  • High stiffness and low creep properties maximize soil performance
  • Excellent durability and long term performance
  • Interacts perfectly with all granular soil types
  • Limits differential settlements during consolidation
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • High resistance to chemical and environmental influences
  • Fast installation with rolls up to 5 m wide
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Cost effective

ABG Enkagrid Pro Geogrid structure

ABG Enkagrid Pro geogrid has a highly oriented laser-welded polyester strip structure that provides powerful and dependable reinforcement in demanding civil engineering applications or building projects. Enkagrid Pro geogrid has superior mechanical properties and long term performance.

Using laser technology during the manufacture of the geogrid structure, the quality of the junction bonds is precisely controlled during production, creating consistently rigid joints throughout the geogrid without affecting the polymer orientation or stress strain performance of the extruded strips.

ABG Enkagrid PRO is a uniaxial geogrid of extruded polyester strips available in a number of different tensile strengths for specific applications. The highly oriented strips are laser-welded for powerful reinforcement in demanding applications. Enkagrid PRO is available in 2.45m and 5 m wide rolls.

Technical data sheets with full details are available on request. We offer full design support for all applications.

Typical Client Profile:

  • Earthworks Engineers & Contractors
  • Highway Engineers & Contractors
  • Highways Authorities
  • Airport Engineers
  • Local Authority Planning Depts.
  • Landscape Consultants
  • Rail Engineers & Contractors
  • Temporary Works Contractors

Case Studies / Recent Projects:

ABG Enkagrid Pro geogrid has beem used in the following project:

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Enkagrid Pro geogrid embankment Stabilisation project

Enkagrid Pro geogrid embankment Stabilisation project

Enkagrid Pro geogrid embankment Stabilisation project

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