Deckdrain Drainage Geocomposite

Deckdrain drainage geocomposite from ABG Geosynthetics

ABG Deckdrain’s unique drainage core replaces the requirement for stone filter layers whilst giving superior flow. The filter geotextile prevents clogging of the core.

Deckdrain Drainage Geocomposite

ABG Deckdrain is a high performance geocomposite drainage system. Designed to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional structural drainage techniques, it provides high flow capacity and added protection to waterproofing.


ABG Deckdrain is a strong, robust geocomposite used in the following applications:


  • Horizontal or vertical drainage applications (walls)
  • Thinner drainage layers when compared to traditional aggregate drainage solutions
  • Reduced dead loads on structure means thinner slabs are possible
  • High, factory controlled consistant flow capacity
  • Wide rolls of ABG Deckdrain are suited for rapid installation
  • Enhances the performance of structural waterproofing by providing an additional barrier that prevents the majority of the water reaching the liner.
  • High CBR puncture resistance of ABG Deckdrain provides protection.
  • Allows use of lower specification backfill
  • Reduced delivery traffic volumes when compared with stone delivery vehicles

ABG Deckdrain is used in civil engineering and construction drainage applications including bridge abutments, buried structures, retaining walls, tunnels, roof gardens and covered potable water reservoirs. ABG Deckdrain geocomposite consists of a high strength flexible polyethylene cuspated core with a non-woven filter geotextile bonded onto one or both sides. The geotextile filters a wide range of materials whilst allowing water to percolate into the core of the geocomposite before draining to a discharge point.

ABG Deckdrain geocomposite drainage system for buried structures draining into a discharge pipe

The HDPE cuspated core of the geocomposite provides a free flowing drainage void. The cusps are designed to support the geotextile which is bonded to the core to ensure that it doesn't deform into the drainage void under the pressure of the backfill material. ABG Deckdrain is designed to allow flow in all directions, unlike linear or pipe systems.

ABG Deckdrain is durable and sufficiently robust to resist the mechanical stresses imposed during installation and then on throughout its design life. Use of ABG Deckdrain eliminates the need for further protection of the waterproofing system. ABG Deckdrain has been creep tested at compressive loads of up to 1000kPa to give a design life of 120 years.

ABG Deckdrain is a UK manufactured BBA certified product, with a long history of use on Highways England, Transport Scotland and other major Highways schemes. ABG Deckdrain is available in a range of flow capacities from 1 l/m/s to 95 l/m/s corresponding to thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 50mm, and can be supplied in a variety of roll sizes designed to suit differing site requirements.

ABG Deckdrain geocomposite drainage system for buried structures

ABG Deckdrain geocomposite is used in the construction of green bridges and green tunnels to protect the waterproofing and provide drainage to the structure, which removes the need for bulky porous blocks and the logistical challenge of importing granular fill.

ABG Deckdrain geocomposite provides structural drainage on green bridge projects

Typical Client Profile:

  • Drainage Contractors
  • Water companies
  • Covered Reservoir engineers
  • Tunnel engineers
  • Green Roof consultants
  • Highways England
  • Structural Engineers
  • Rail Engineers


Rail Structural Drainage, Dawlish Sea Wall

Railway Structural Drainage, Werrington, UK

Structural Drainage, A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon

Structural Drainage, A465 Heads of the Valleys

Covered Reservoir Roof & Wall Drainage, Barrow Hill

Highway Retaining Wall Structural Drainage, India

Green Roof Podium Deck, Rail Station, Hong Kong

Rail Bridge Retaining Wall Drainage, Crewe

Other Case Studies:

ABG Deckdrain drainage geocomposite  has been used in the following projects:

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Buried wall drainage drainage system using ABG Geosynthetic's Deckdrain

Horizontal drainage using Deckdrain geocomposite from ABG geosynthetics

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Back of Wall Drainage - Carbon Footprint Saving

The use of ABG Deckdrain Geocomposite can save up to 94% on the carbon footprint compared with traditional porous concrete block drainage methods:

Click to read the full carbon footprint assessment.
The use of ABG Deckdrain Geocomposite can save up to 92% on the carbon footprint compared with traditional porous concrete block drainage methods

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