Advanced Turf - Reinforced Grass

Netlon Advanced Turf reinforced grass system for traffic from ABG Geosynthetics

Mesh elements interlock with specially blended rootzone providing a grass reinforcement solution

Advanced Turf - Reinforced Grass

Netlon Advanced Turf System (Netlon ATS) is a high performance mesh-element reinforced natural grass rootzone system. It provides an aesthetic, SuDS compliant free-draining grassed surface, capable of sustaining heavy vehicle loadings in occasional-use applications.



  • Attractive, natural grass surface
  • High load bearing capacity < HGV
  • Resists rutting and compaction
  • Rapid surface drainage
  • No visible structures or trip hazards
  • Safe and clean surface
  • Easily maintained
  • Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) Source Control

The Netlon Advanced Turf System (ATS400/B) is a load-bearing natural grass reinforced surface with no visible surface structures or trip hazards. It provides a safe, free-draining, wear tolerant reinforced grassed surface which resists compaction and surface rutting, whilst sustaining increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic up to HGV loadings when provided with an appropriately designed sub-base. 

Advanced Turf consists of a high quality sandy soil rootzone into which thousands of playing card sized polypropylene Netlon plastic mesh elements are pre-blended, the composite mesh reinforced rootzone, selected turf and installation fertiliser are delivered to site as a system. Once the Advanced Turf grass reinforcement rootzone system is installed and as the roots develop, they entwine with the interlocking Advanced Turf’s plastic mesh elements and form a strong, extremely stable and deep anchored root system. Maintained as a standard quality grassed surface, 

Advanced Turf can be specified as a component of SuDS Source Control and in many trafficked applications such as: Grassed Fire/Emergency Access routes, Cherry Picker/Service access, Helipads/airfields, Roof gardens, Overflow parking, Multi-use sports/events areas, Amenity lawns, Walkways and Sculptured slopes <55º.

How does Advanced Turf Work?

Without Netlon ATS rutting occurs as the applied vehicle wheel loads are not distributed efficiently

Without Netlon ATS (left) rutting occurs as the applied vehicle wheel loads are not distributed efficiently through the soils. However, with Advanced Turf grass reinforcement system, the load is transferred efficiently meaning that higher vehicle loads can be applied without the risk of rutting occurring,

Advanced Turf is supported by over a decade of civil engineering and turf grass research. There are more than forty four published research papers available about Netlon ATS.

Typical Client Profile

  • Specifiers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers & Planners
  • Schools and Universities
  • Parish, Town and District Councils
  • Local Authorities
  • National Trust & English Heritage
  • Visitor attractions and Event venues
  • Music festival venues
  • Airports and Railways parking 
  • Industrial / Commercial business parks
  • Sports grounds and Recreation parks
  • Stately homes, Parks and Private Estates

Case Studies / Recent Projects:

ABG Advanced Turf (ATS) has been used in the following projects to provide reinforced grass surfaces:


York University - Emergency Vehicle, Fire Access Truck and Cherry Picker Access

Cambridge University, Eddington, Grassed overflow parking

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ATS grass reinforcement is ideal for sculptured slopes and trafficked turf areas

Netlon ATS reinforced turf system from ABG Geosynthetics used on London

ABG reinforced grass system, Advanced Turf can take the load of diggers and lorries

Advanced turf used to reinforce grass access and landscaped slopes at Oxford Business Park

Associated System Products

Within a Netlon ATS system construction, we strongly recommend following our installation guidelines and design guides available to download below. The following products are specified within the construction profile:

Design & Installation Guidance

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