The Wave project wins BCI Award

The Wave inland surfing lake near Bristol has won the Cultural & Leisure Project of the Year at this year’s British Construction Industry awards, hosted by NCE Magazine. The lake’s design includes ABG’s Pozidrain geocomposite drainage layer to relieve ground water uplift pressure at the site.

The location is nearby to the Severn Estuary and its flood plains, which meant extensive design work was required around the management of both ground and surface water. In places the water table is barely 145 mm below ground level and generates 10 l/s of flow. Pozidrain channels the ground water to a nearby attenuation basin, before being discharged to the existing local ditch network.

ABG also provided the Truckcell permeable paving solution at the project to improve boggy ground conditions in the northern areas of the site and to provide new access routes and a maintenance yard area that minimises surface water run off to pre-development levels.

The Wave is an inland surfing lake near Bristol

Truckcell permeable paving installed at the site


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