Asphalt Reinforcement Webinar

Steel Based Asphalt Reinforcement Crack Prevention webinar synopsis - Thursday 26th November @ 11am

ABG in association with LCRIG, are hosting a webinar aimed at Local Authority Highways Departments where ‘Fortifix’ innovative steel composite based crack prevention system will be discussed as a method of treating common surface deterioration problems in highways.

Areas to be covered are:

  • Reflective Cracking

  • Overlaying concrete pavements

  • Road widenings

  • Rutting

  • Overlaying Sett paved roads

  • Fixed thresholds

Fortifix differs from older style steel meshes in that it can be planed and recycled, whilst offering asphalt strengthening and stiffness benefits. Steel also has a much greater young’s modulus value over more commonly used glass fibre grids, leading to a much enhanced design life.

The webinar will also cover:

  • Verge reinforcement (over-run and stone scatter)

  • Erosion control

  • Carriageway drainage

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