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Geosynthetics offer many benefits over traditional methods of construction in the Water Industry, where structural drainage, flood management, erosion control and soil reinforcement solutions are required.

ABG Geosynthetics has developed a wide range of geocomposite drainage products, erosion control mats, geocellular confinement systems, geogrids, and geotextiles for use in Water applications.

Our experience across many areas of infrastructure, including current AMP frameworks, means we can ensure you get the right product for your specific application. All ABG products come with design advice and technical guidance from our in house Chartered Civil Engineers.

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Structural Drainage

With origins and an established history in the manufacture and supply of high performance drainage geocomposites, ABG’s Deckdrain has many applications in the Water Industry, offering an efficient and cost effective alternative to stone drainage layers. The reduction of stone drainage offers significant carbon footprint reductions, reduced labour and installation times, and ultimately, reduced overall costs.

An extensive range of options are available for incorporation on, around, and under buried concrete structures; including reservoir roof and wall drainage, potable water storage and ground water drainage and flotation protection to water storage and treatment tanks.

The increasing demand for leak detection and location “intelligent membranes” requires a complementary drainage and protection layer. ABG Deckdrain G has been designed with a special latticed cuspate design, developed to support this technology and as implemented on a range of reservoirs across the UK.

Erosion Control

ABG offers a range of permanent and biodegradable Turf Reinforcement and Erosion Control Mats, from low cost soil cover to reinforced spillway protection systems, as well as permanent geocellular solutions.

Permanent erosion control is provided by ABG’s Erosamat Type 3 range of Turf Reinforcement Mats, designed to meet the requirements of CIRIA 116. Manufactured here in the UK, Erosamat Type 3 is in widespread use on projects throughout the country, offering reduced lead-times and a lower delivery carbon-footprint.

Temporary erosion control is provided by ABG’s Erosamat Type 1, Type 2, and Type 4 range of jute and coir mats. These mats offer between 18 months and 4 years life-spans, allowing for the establishment of vegetation whilst protecting the subsoil.

All Erosamat products are secured using biodegradable anchor pins, steel pins or helical pins, for which Pinning and Installation Guides are available.

Erosion control mats / Geosynthetic reinforcement

Filtration & Separation Layers

ABG’s Terrex and Gridtex geotextile products include a range of woven and non-woven polypropylene options to meet a variety of separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection and drainage design functions.

Geotextiles are used in multiple applications, such as: under rock armour in Coastal Protection, beneath Pond Liners, French drain filters, sub base separation, embankment starter layers, basal reinforcement and ground stabilisation.

Soil Reinforcement

Abgrid biaxial geogrid is used in a range of civil engineering applications such as ground reinforcement, subbase aggregate reduction, basal reinforcement, paved and unpaved road foundations, permeable paving construction, retaining walls and steep-sided soil embankments.

Flood Management

ABG offer a number of products for the creation, repair and reinforcement of flood embankments, which act both as erosion protection against flood water and for flood water storage.

Webwall is a flexible geocellular retaining wall system, which provides green faced walls up to near vertical faces. Installation is quick and easy, with the added benefit of using site won materials as fill. Webwall can also be constructed as a Flood Bund, and provides a visually pleasing alternative to gabion baskets for Riverbank Restoration.

Erosaweb geocell is designed for the reinforcement of weak soils and has many applications, including retention of soils on steep slopes and erosion control. The perforated geocells retain the fill material, while allowing water through and reducing run-off velocity.

When used in conjunction with Erosamat and Abgrid, ABG can provide a single solution for Flood Management systems, backed-up with design advice and support from our Technical Team.

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