Temporary Works

Geosynthetics are used in temporary works applications to provide significant cost and time savings throughout the construction process; from stabilising temporary access roads, haul roads, site compounds, embankments and slopes.

ABG’s range of geotextiles and geogrids are quick to install compared to traditional methods, reducing the volume of natural materials required and saving material and transport costs.

ABG’s geosynthetic products provide permanent and temporary solutions for ground reinforcement, slope reinforcement, erosion control, pavement reinforcement and structural drainage.

ABG products are proven and tested for use in temporary works applications.

Haul Roads / Temporary Access Roads

Abgrid geogrids, Trigrid geogrids, Abtex woven and Terrex NW non-woven geotextiles and Abweb geocells can all be used to reduce the construction time and materials required for haul roads and temporary access routes across construction sites. Our technical team are able to offer cost-benefit advice on which is best suited to your project.

Tree Root Protection

Abweb TRP is a geocellular system for protecting tree roots where a temporary access route is required without damaging nearby trees.

Site Compounds

Site compounds require access routes, temporary car parking and storage areas. ABG’s range of Trigrid and Abgrid geogids provide ground stabilisation by mechanically stabilising granular materials effectively. Abtex woven geotextile and Terrex NW geotextile provide separation functions when constructing unpaved access roads and parking areas.

Crane Pads / Piling Mats

ABG geogrids and geotextiles are ideal for temporary applications including stabilising weak ground for mobile cranes, piling rigs and working platforms. Geogrids mechanically interlock with well graded angular stone, reducing subbase thickness and increasing bearing capacity.

Wind farms access roads

ABG Truckcell provides a permeable grass or gravel stabilised surface suitable for the heavy plant involved in the construction and maintenance access of wind farms sites.

Temporary Earthworks

Drainage is a major consideration in all Civil Engineering earthworks projects, including temporary works. ABG Fildrain is a Fin Drain system that saves installation time and reduces costs compared to traditional stone based drainage layers.

Where temporary slopes and embankments are constructed, ABG provide a range of erosion control mats and geocells to confine fill material to reinforce the surface structure.

Specific design advice and guidance is available from our experienced in house technical team who will help ensure the right product is specified for your temporary works project.

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