Sustainable Porous Paving & Tree Root Protection

Using a permeable pavement solves a number of problems associated with managing stormwater in a sustainable way. The hydraulic capacity of a porous pavement can accommodate rainfall landing directly on to it and also from adjacent surface catchments, including roofs.

The combination of surface options also facilitates an enhanced level of flexibility and choice in satisfying the aesthetic requirements of the project. Stabilised gravel can produce a much wider variety of different finishes to compliment the development than a porous concrete system could offer.

ABG offer systems that can be used to create grass or gravel finishes for varying levels of traffic. Sudspave can be used with traffic such as cars and vans, while Truckcell provides a solution for HGV and other heavy vehicles.

The design and specification of the individual components within a sustainable paving / permeable pavement solution is entirely project specific, but will typically comprise a porous surface laid over an open-graded, granular subbase that satisfies the structural and hydraulic requirements of the project.

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Where construction of paths, roads and parking areas encroach the footprint of existing trees, ABG can provide the no-dig geocellular Abweb TRP system to protect the root structures from damage caused by the compaction of local soils as a result of vehicular traffic.

Geosynthetics in Sustainable Pavements

Geosynthetics play an important part in the design and long term performance of porous paving structures.

Ground Stabilisation

Permeable paving provides a solution for reinforcing pavements for traffic where a gravel or grass surface is required. Plastic porous pavers are suitable for access roads and car parking areas.


Plastic porous pavers are suitable for access roads and car parking areas.

Where a fully green finish is required, our Advanced Turf System can be used to create a grass surface that drains quickly and provides the bearing capacity to deal with almost any circumstances.

Advanced Turf System for fast draining reinforced grass surfaces

Filtration & Separation

The use of geotextiles such as Terrex NW are suitable for both filtration and separation layers. This greatly improves the quality of water discharged from within the system, whilst also preventing clogging of the drainage system.


Abgrid geogrids and Abweb cellular reinforcement can also be incorporated to enhance the structural strength which allows the paving to be constructed thinner, safer and uses less materials.

Ground Reinforcement using geosynthetics

Drainage & Attenuation

Also, the use of innovative geocomposite void formers such as Deckdrain create cost-effective attenuation or drainage layers to further reduce the depth of stone required within the pavement construction.

Protection & Confinement

Geocell structure of Abweb TRP confines and strengthens fill whilst allowing free flow of air, water and nutrients to the tree root structure.


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