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Rail construction projects require geosynthetic solutions for applications including track-bed separation, embankment stabilisation, slope erosion control, structural drainage, tunnel drainage and access road reinforcement. Geosynthetics provide many benefits over traditional techniques for the rail industry.

ABG offer a comprehensive range of geosynthetics suited to rail and tramway applications. Whether you are looking at earthworks and embankment construction, structural drainage for tunnels and bridges, or permanent way works; ABG’s geosynthetic products offer multiple benefits.

All ABG products come with design advice and technical guidance from our in house Chartered Civil Engineers. Our experience across many areas of infrastructure means we can ensure that you get the right product for your specific rail application.

Embankment Earthworks

ABG’s Fildrain range of findrain geocomposites is the most advanced system for relieving pore pressure and accelerating consolidation of fill material in the construction of new rail embankments. This is a proven method of construction that has BBA approval for the starter layer and subsequent layers throughout the height of the embankment. Projects have gained full consolidation in 25% of the time normally expected with granular materials.

Fildrain findrains can also be used for linear applications, such as cess drains for example.

For soil reinforcement we offer a wide range of geogrids, geotextiles and geocells. These product applications include creating access routes and site compounds, slope stabilisation, retaining walls and working platforms.

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Erosion Protection

Our range of erosion control products cover applications such as surface protection, protecting the structural stability of soils and retaining soil on slopes. Our Erosamat family offer both biodegradable and permanent erosion control options, and include a number of turf reinforcement mats. Erosaweb geocell allows soil retention on steep slopes.

Where steep slope or rockfall protection is needed, our Erosamesh system provides immediate protection and promotes healthy vegetation coverage.

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Structural Drainage

Deckdrain is a high performance drainage system designed as a replacement to porous blocks or no fines concrete. It comes with BBA approval, and offers factory consistent drainage capacity meaning that compared to traditional permeable Type A filter gravel, performance is greatly enhanced.

ABG’s Cavidrain range of products are designed with tunnelling in mind. With applications within Tunnel Invert drainage, wall lining and wall drainage; Cavidrain can also reduce bounce back of sprayed concrete due to its excellent adhesion properties. ABG Deckdrain is also used in the construction of green bridges and green tunnels.

Green Bridges and Tunnels

ABG Deckdrain geocomposite is used in the construction of green bridges and green tunnels to protect the waterproofing and provide drainage to the structure, which removes the need for bulky porous blocks and the logistical challenge of importing granular fill.

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RISQS Verified

ABG are RISQS Verified – (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme)

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