Geosynthetics play an important role within landscaping projects, whether the need be for erosion control, tree root protection, earth stabilisation, permeable paving, ground stabilisation, green roofs or drainage ponds and swales.

At ABG we believe in providing a complete package of solutions for your project. Using the experience, knowledge and products developed whilst leading in other market sectors we have put together an unrivalled range of geosynthetic systems for use in the landscaping market.

Erosion Control

Erosamat erosion control mats and Erosaweb geocell are designed for applications such as surface protection, protecting the structural stability of soils, retaining soil on slopes and promoting the growth of vegetation, while allowing the free passage of water. Erosamat is available as biodegradable erosion matting where early establishment of vegetation is required.

Tree Root Protection

Abweb TRP geocell protects tree roots where a pavement, access road or parking area is to be constructed, without damaging nearby trees. Abweb TRP geocell is a no dig solution, preventing damage to the tree root structure during the installation process and greatly reduces the depth of imported stone required – saving time and money and reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Permeable Paving

Permeable paving provides a solution to reinforcing pavements for traffic on a gravel or grass surface. Sudspave porous pavers are suitable for access roads and car parking areas where a retained gravel or reinforced grass surface is required. Truckcell heavy duty permeable pavers are suitable for HGV access, fire access routes, lay-bys and hardstandings. Advanced Turf (ATS) provides an invisible surface reinforcement for grass surfaces and landscaped slopes that are lightly and infrequently trafficked.

Earth Reinforcement & Separation

Earth reinforcement and separation landscape applications are catered for using our proven range of Geogrids and Geotextiles.

Ponds, Swales & Lagoons

Water containment applications such as the creation of attenuation lagoons and swales (for SuDs applications) are facilitated with our range of geomembranes and GCLs.

Green Roofs

Deckdrain provides a drainage layer on green roofs and landscaped roof gardens. Roofdrain drainage composite provides both drainage and attenuation and is designed for extensive green roofs. ABG blueroof is a complete roof system that provides water attenuation capacity within the roof structure.

Landfill Cap Drainage

Pozidrain drainage geocomposites in a landfill capping system prevent the saturation of the cover soils by collecting and draining away rainwater.

Sports Pitches

Pozidrain remains at the core of our business and it’s high strength and high flow characteristics have found an ideal application as a drainage blanket beneath sports pitches. Sportdrain and Turfdrain have been designed for use in subsurface strip drainage in new and existing facilities.

As with all ABG systems, the products in landscaping applications are backed up with the knowledge and expertise of our technical department who are more than happy to discuss your individual project requirements.

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