Geosynthetics offer many benefits over the traditional methods of construction which they replace; including reduced construction times, and consequently, lower project costs. The environmental impact of the product is also lower, providing a reduction in the volume of natural materials used and the associated transport loads to and from the site.

ABG offer a complete range of geosynthetics for use throughout the construction and maintenance of highways. Applications include highway drainage, structural drainage, embankment erosion control and retaining walls.

All ABG products are proven and tested for use in the application proposed. Specific design advice and guidance is available from our experienced in house technical team, who will help ensure the right product is specified for your specific application.

For many years ABG have been at the forefront of using geosynthetics in highway construction. We are active members of a number of industry bodies that drive product quality and standards across the sector.

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Green Construction for Highways

The publication of the RIS2 “Rising to the Challenge” document proposes some very interesting developments for Highways construction and retrofit. See our full response here.

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Geosynthetics in Highway Applications

Highway Drainage

Fildrain Types are a range of highways edge fin drains used to replace granular drains, as illustrated in HCD figures F18, F19 and F21. Fildrain Type 5, Type 6, Type 7 and Type 10 are BBA HAPAS approved geocomposite drains. They offer multiple environmental and installation benefits, such as reduced material movements on site, allowing the re-use of site arisings to backfill trenches, and can be easily stored in a site compound rather than relying on timed delivery as with granular drains. Terrex geotextiles are widely used in the construction of Type 8 and Type 9 fin drains.

Concrete can be cast into the back of the Fildrain Type 10 Drainage Geocomposite for highway concrete channel drainage as shown in the video below:

Counterfort Drainage

Fildrain geocomposite systems can be used as an alternative to costly granular layers for counterfort drains. Fildrain can also be used for toe drains, or to act as a barrier and collector system.

Erosion Protection

A comprehensive range of erosion control products for applications such as surface protection, protecting the structural stability of soils and retaining soil on slopes. Erosaweb geocell can also be used to hold soils on top of membranes in drainage ditches and attenuation ponds.

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Starter and Consolidation Layers

ABG Fildrain geocomposite fin drains are used as an alternative to granular starter layers, or to speed up consolidation in both temporary and permanent works. Fildrain provides a clear drainage path to relieve pore pressures, while also acting as a barrier to the ingress of rainfall.

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Retaining Walls

Geogrids and Geocells for use in the construction of retaining walls and abutments. Webwall geocells provide a green faced retaining wall which facilitates re-use of site won materials.

Structural Drainage

Deckdrain is a high performance drainage system designed as a replacement to porous blocks or no fines concrete. This BBA HAPAS approved drain has uses on abutments, walls and other structures. Deckdrain drainage geocomposite can also be used as an easily installed alternative to granular drains, meaning more site won spoil can be re-used.


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Verge Protection

Concertinaweb is a geocellular containment system which confines and strengthens infill materials and provides a cost effective solution for the reinforcement of roadside verges. The geocell provides an innovative way to reduce stone scatter or to strengthen grass verges to protect from rutting when over-run.


Abgrid biaxial geogrid is used in a range of civil engineering applications such as ground reinforcement, subbase aggregate reduction for paved and unpaved road foundations and permeable paving construction. It allows a reduction in the amount of aggregate required to improve the bearing capacity of the ground.

Green Bridges & Tunnels

ABG Deckdrain geocomposite is used in the construction of green bridges and green tunnels to protect the waterproofing and provide drainage to the structure, removing the need for bulky porous blocks and the logistical challenge of importing granular fill.


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