ABG’s geotechnical offering encompasses geosynthetic solutions and technical support for our key highways, civils, earthworks and landscape engineering sectors.

Embankment Drainage & Consolidation

ABG manufactured Fildrain 7DD and 7DHD geocomposite drainage layers are the most advanced system for relieving pore pressure in the construction of new embankments. This proven method of construction has BBA certification for the starter layer and subsequent layers through the height of the embankment to aid consolidation without expensive aggregate.

Geosynthetic Rail Embankment  

Fildrain is faster to install than crushed stone and is impermeable in the vertical plane, protecting earthworks from rainfall ingress and ensuring full consolidation can be achieved in 25% of the time normally expected.

Slope Reinforcement & Soil Retention

Geocell confinement panels such as Erosaweb geocell are designed for the reinforcement and retention of weak soils on steep slopes. The permeable, honeycomb geocell structure allows water to drain through and down the slope, while retaining and confining the fill material (soil, stone or vegetation) within the panels.

Reinforcement & Stabilisation

Abgrid biaxial geogrid is used in a range of civil engineering applications such as ground reinforcement, subbase aggregate reduction, basal reinforcement, paved and unpaved road foundations, permeable paving construction, retaining walls and steep-sided soil embankments. Earth reinforcement and separation landscape applications are also catered for using our proven range of Geogrids and Geotextiles. Terrex NW geotextiles provide ground stabilisation by separating angular stone layers within a constructed subbase. By allowing water to percolate through, subbases are stabilised as the intermixing of different construction layers and subgrades is stopped. Gridtex is a high performance woven geotextile engineered for reinforcement applications and is ideal for strengthening a wide range of soils.

Erosion Protection

A comprehensive range of permanent and biodegradable erosion control products, including Erosamat erosion control mats are available for applications such as surface protection, protecting the structural stability of soils and promoting the growth of vegetation, while allowing the free passage of water.

Buried Structures and Bridge Abutments

Deckdrain can provide drainage up to 50 times more efficient than crushed stone fill. That means achieving the same level of performance, with vastly reduced vehicle movements when compared to traditional methods. Deckdrain is easy to install without specialist knowledge or equipment. When installed on the external faces of a buried structure, Deckdrain collects and drains percolated groundwater. It prevents the majority of water reaching the waterproofing system, and provides an added layer of protection. The high compressive strength of Deckdrain means it is suitable even for very deep sub-surface structures such as potable water reservoirs, water/sewage treatment plants and basements. Deckdrain can also be used as a self-draining lost shutter when concrete is cast directly into the impermeable back.

Temporary Works

Geosynthetics are used in temporary works applications to provide significant cost and time savings throughout the construction process; from stabilising temporary access roads, haul roads, site compounds, embankments and slopes.

Abgrid geogridsTrigrid geogridsAbtex woven and Terrex NW non-woven geotextiles and Abweb geocells can all be used to reduce the construction time and materials required for haul roads and temporary access routes across construction sites. Our technical team are able to offer cost-benefit advice on which is best suited to your project.

Site Compounds

Site compounds require access routes, temporary car parking and storage areas. ABG’s range of Trigrid and Abgrid geogids provide ground stabilisation by mechanically stabilising granular materials effectively. Abtex woven geotextile and Terrex NW geotextile provide separation functions when constructing unpaved access roads and parking areas.


Crane pads, piling mats & working platforms

ABG Geogrids and geotextiles are ideal for temporary applications including stabilising weak ground for mobile cranes, piling rigs and working platforms. Geogrids mechanically interlock with well graded angular stone, reducing subbase thickness and increasing bearing capacity. ABG Truckcell provides a permeable grass or gravel stabilised surface.

Vegetated Retaining Walls

Trigrid and Abgrid geogrids can be used in a variety of applications including reinforced earth walls, bunds and embankments, and veneer slope stabilisation. They can also be used with a variety of finishes (gabions, hard facing, vegetated and so on) to meet even the most demanding aesthetic requirements. Webwall geocell is a flexible retaining wall system that allows vegetated walls with near vertical faces to be built quickly and easily, with the added benefit of using site won materials as fill. The Webwall structure is formed from horizontal layers of Webwall geocell panels, each panel being expanded and filled layer by layer until the required height is achieved.

The Webwall geocellular retaining wall system offers a neat and fast to install solution, with its primary use being in the construction of steep embankments on SuDS structures such as swales, channels and attenuation basins and ponds. Constructing steeper embankments minimises the land-take of the structure, freeing up more land for development and allowing developers to maximise return whilst meeting statutory SuDS requirements.

Ponds, Swales & Lagoons

Water containment applications such as the creation of attenuation lagoons and swales (for SuDS applications) are facilitated with our range of geomembranes and GCLs. Geosynthetic lining systems such as GCL and HDPE are useful and long-lasting methods of forming ponds. Liners can be pre-fabricated to size before delivery, or welded on site to the required profile. Geosynthetics also contribute to the construction of efficient swales and conveyance channels, by providing resilient protection from damage caused by erosion. Where suitable, steep banks can be constructed using geosynthetics to increase plot size on housing developments.


Trench soakaway systems

Geotextiles have long been an integral element of soakaway systems, providing a vital treatment process as collected water is filtered through the fabric. They provide a separation function for granular stone layers and filter water within the drainage systems to reduce the environmental impact of construction. They are an important component in many applications, including in the construction of roads, car parks, embankments and wrapping SuDS Infiltration/Attenuation Tanks.

Permeable Paving Surfaces

Permeable paving provides a solution to reinforcing pavements for traffic on a gravel or grass surface. Sudspave porous pavers are suitable for access roads and car parking areas where a retained gravel or reinforced grass surface is required. Truckcell heavy duty permeable pavers are suitable for HGV access, fire access routes, lay-bys and hardstandings.

A range of geogrids and geocells can both minimise construction depths and meet structural requirements. In addition, high performance geotextiles help treat collected water to meet quality expectations.

Tree Root Protection

Abweb TRP geocell protects tree roots where a temporary access route is required without damaging nearby trees. Abweb TRP geocell is a no dig solution, preventing damage to the tree root structure during the installation process and greatly reduces the depth of imported stone required – saving time and money and reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Rootline is a root barrier developed to protect highways, foundations, waterproofing, pipes and other services from damage arising as a result of tree root penetration. Rootline can be installed vertically around trees as a barrier to prevent the lateral spread of roots and protects structures from damage arising as a result of root penetration. Our Technical Department can offer advice on appropriate styles of Rootline for differing situations and on typical installation details.

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