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ABG are a market leader in the development, manufacture and technical support of high performance geosynthetic solutions for use in a wide range of civil engineering and environmental projects around the World.

All ABG products are CE marked and approved for use by leading UK and international authorities. Technical support is provided by our experienced team of chartered engineers. This support extends to design, design confirmation, feasibility study, technical support and cost advice.

The below products form part of our core range of UK manufactured products available for export:



Pozidrain forms a strong, robust drainage layer that can be used in the collection of leachate and groundwater in both landfill containment and cap drainage systems and also as a gas venting system for the collection and dispersal of landfill gases. It consists of a HDPE cuspated core bonded to a heat treated needle punched geotextile filter fabric. The geotextile is bonded to the core to prevent intrusion into, and blockage of, the drainage passages under the load action of the backfill material. Pozidrain offers excellent resistance to leachate and other common chemicals.

Pozidrain can also be used as a capillary break layer in the restoration of contaminated land. It is fast and easy to install and requires no specialist plant and only minimum training for the installation team.

Sizes: from 4, 6, 7, 12 or 25 mm thick x 4.4m wide, 25 to 150 m lengths.

Visit the Pozidrain product page for further details.



Leakdrain comprises a single HDPE cuspated core with very high compressive strength performance and excellent resistance to leachate and other common chemicals. The high compressive strength, combined with high in-plane flow capacity, allows the flow of leachate and other particle laden liquids without the risk of clogging, even under very high loads.

The principal application of Leakdrain is as a leak detection layer for use within the basal lining of containment systems. It is installed between the primary and secondary barrier forming the basis of an efficient leak detection system.

Leakdrain will not only assist in identifying the presence of a leak, but also has sufficient capacity to collect the discharge and transport it to a collection point until the necessary repairs are made. Leakdrain can be installed quickly and easily and requires no specialist plant.

Sizes: 3, 5 and 6mm thick x 2.2m width, 75 to 180m roll lengths.

Visit the Leakdrain product page for further information.



Deckdrain is a high performance geocomposite drainage layer that directly replaces granular drainage stone in a number of construction applications, including for structural drainage applications where Deckdrain relieves external water pressure from buried structures. It has many areas of application including within retaining walls, tunnels, roof gardens, green bridges and buried tanks.

Deckdrain may be laid horizontally or vertically and provides high flow capacity, along with the benefit of providing additional protection to waterproofing systems. The use of Deckdrain reduces the amount of excavation and enables site won materials to be used as backfill, thereby greatly reducing movement of materials to and from site.

Deckdrain has been developed further for use in block paving drainage where its function is to collect and remove seepage water from the sand course laid below the paving. Without Deckdrain the sand can easily become saturated and can liquefy under traffic loading, resulting in settlement and rutting.

Deckdrain provides a cost effective method of preventing this type of failure and is resistant to all common chemicals.

Sizes: 4, 6, 7, 12 or 25 mm thick x 1.1m, 2.2 m and 0.915 m width, 25 or 50 m lengths.

Visit the Deckdrain product page for further information.



Cavidrain is a preformed cavity drainage system designed specifically to relieve water penetration from buried structures such as tunnels, basements and underground car parks. It is suitable for use in both new build and existing structures. In tunnel construction Cavidrain provides a drainage layer to collect infiltration water from behind tunnel linings.

Cavidrain may be used alone or form part of a system incorporating waterproofing membranes. Typically the Cavidrain is fixed to the excavated face of the tunnel and then shotcrete is applied to the back of the core forming the internal surface of the tunnel. Cavidrain can be used in road and rail tunnels, mine-shafts and interceptor tunnels.

In basement waterproofing, Cavidrain is designed as a waterproofing system that enables fast track construction by eliminating wet trades and by removing the waterproofing from the critical path. The high strength core is designed to withstand the imposed loads associated with wet concrete. Once poured the concrete fills the back of the dimples and so, once cured, the ultimate load capacity is that of the concrete.

Cavidrain maximises the available internal space, can reduce the volume of materials excavated and is quickly and easily installed.

Sizes: 3, 6, 10, 20, 40, and 60mm thick x 920 and 2,250mm wide, 20m roll.

Visit the Cavidrain product page for further information.



Fildrain is a geocomposite drainage system which collects and channels water to a carrier pipe for transportation to a suitable discharge point. It has a very high flow capacity, many times
that of traditional crushed stone (specific data is available). This is due to the unique open structure created by the dimpled construction which allows unhindered water flow.

The Fildrain range of drainage products have many applications and are typically used for the drainage of highway edges, car parks, airfields and similar applications. Fildrain consists of either a single or double cuspate HDPE core with a non-woven geotextile filter thermally bonded to one side and usually fully wrapped over.
Fildrain also has applications in the drainage of embankments and reinforced earth structures, cut-off trenches on contaminated land and landscape applications where a narrow trench is dug and the Fildrain placed within and backfilled using excavated materials. It can also be used as the basis of a gas collection system beneath man made reservoirs and snow water ponds.

Sizes: Available in widths from 100mm to 4.4m, typically in roll lengths of 50m and is manufactured in thicknesses of 4, 6, 7, 12, 25 and 50mm.

Visit the Fildrain product page for further information.



Roofdrain consists of a perforated cuspated HDPE core with a geotextile bonded to either one or both sides and is designed for use in the construction of extensive green roof systems.
Roofdrain allows the storage of water within the cuspates of the HDPE core whilst facilitating the efficient drainage of any excess water away from the roof. This helps prevent the root growing media from drying out during dry periods and from becoming waterlogged during wet periods. Roofdrain comprises a perforated HDPE core with a filter geotextile bonded to the upper side. An additional protection geotextile may be bonded to the under side to provide protection to the roof deck.

Using Roofdrain within a green roof construction also assists in cooling the roof by maintaining a constant air void. Roofdrain provides both drainage and attenuation of water in a convenient, lightweight and cost effective layer. When used within a roof construction it provides a versatile system for the collection of surplus seepage water at the base of the growing medium and for the prevention of water pressure on the structural waterproofing.
Carbon Footprint reduction using ABG geosynthetics
Sizes: Roofdrain is typically supplied in rolls of 915mm wide and in thicknesses of 20, 25 and 40mm.

Visit the Roofdrain product page for further information.



Turfdrain is a high performance geocomposite drainage system designed for use in the drainage of grass playing surfaces and amenity areas. The drain can be installed in both existing surfaces and new build facilities. It comprises a 25mm HDPE core completely wrapped in nonwoven geotextile filter fabric and can be installed quickly into 35mm slit trenches.
Once installed the playing surface is immediately available for use. Sizes: Available in heights from 100mm to 250mm and is supplied in rolls of 50m length.

Visit the Turfdrain product page for further information.



Gasflow is designed for the ventilation of hazardous gases from below substructures. It consists of a cuspated HDPE core with a bonded or fully wrapped geotextile and creates a ventilation void beneath the slab construction. Gasflow has an extremely high in-plane flow rate to ensure the gas is collected and dispersed quickly.

The high efficiency and minimal thickness of Gasflow reduces the amount of excavation required on site and, as a result the amount of material to be moved making it a cost effective alternative to the use of traditional stone blanket venting layers.


Erosion Control

ABG have a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly erosion control products including:

  • Erosamat Type 3 for permanent erosion control – a dense mat of polypropylene fibres thermally bonded together to form a tough and flexible erosion mat.
  • Webwall is a modular retaining wall system that utilises low grade fill within a geocellular matrix that is then planted to create a green facia. Webwall is commonly used in the construction of noise barriers, retaining walls, steep slopes and blast bunds.

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