Over the last 30 years ABG has delivered asphalt reinforcement and drainage solutions to the majority of the UK and Ireland’s regional and international airports.

Asphalt Reinforcement Systems

Asphalt reinforcement is required to cope with the repeated impact load of airplanes touching down and braking that generates a flexing effect on the runway asphalt surface. This continual flexing induces reflective cracking in the surface layers, translating up from sublayers as water penetrates the surface course. Freeze and thaw effects further widen these cracks, leading to potholing and early failure of an otherwise sound construction.

Asphalt reinforcement is required to seal sublayers and stop cracking on runways, taxiways and aprons and preserve a smooth pavement surface for safe take-off and landing.

Fortifix geocomposite grid comprises a high strength steel cord bonded to a non-woven textile. This textile absorbs bitumen and creates a waterproof layer within the pavement structure to prevent deterioration and delamination as a result of water penetration. The hot asphalt surface course draws the bitumen through the fabric to form a complete water barrier.

Using Fortifix in this application offers designers and contractors a number of benefits including:

  • A reduction in the reflective cracking and fatigue expected within the pavement build up
  • Pavement strengthening and stress absorption
  • Water barrier & sealing
  • Extended pavement life and maintenance periods


A bitumen emulsion bond coat is sprayed to the binder course before the Fortifix geocomposite is rolled onto the surface. The geotextile absorbs the bitumen ready for the hot surface course where it is reheated to form a sealed reinforced layer. The surface course life is then extended by up to four times, delivering considerable savings in construction and maintenance with minimal delays to airport users.

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Geocomposite Drainage

In the same process as used for main highways applications, Fildrain geocomposites are often used to provide efficient drainage for runway and taxiway verges and further reinforced using Concertinaweb geocellular grids in the event of any aircrafts over running.

Ponds, Swales & Lagoons

Water containment applications such as the creation of attenuation lagoons and swales (for SuDs applications) are facilitated with our range of geomembranes and GCLs.

As with all ABG systems the products in airport applications are fully supported by ABG’s in-house technical department who will be happy to provide specification advice and guidance on suitable applications


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