The Society of Public Health Engineers

Well designed water and waste systems are essential to successful, healthy and sustainable buildings. The Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE) is a society within the Charted Institute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE).

SoPHE members are experts in the public health aspects of developments, and promote the importance of best practice in public health engineering to other professional disciplines.

In their own words “In a rapidly changing world, we are faced with the challenge of supporting larger cities with increasingly scarce resources. For instance, water: all life is dependent on it but as global population levels continue to rise, this vital resource becomes ever more precious. As Public Health Engineers, we are perfectly positioned to address and help resolve such water and energy related challenges.

The design of sustainable water management systems helps save water and the energy associated with its use, from pumping to heating. From sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to water reuse, our expertise in the field of Public Health Engineering helps clients to make better use of water and energy, and to make their buildings more resilient.”

As an Industrial Associate of SoPHE ABG Geosynthetics provide its members with a valuable design resource for all their ‘above ground drainage’ projects – specifically with our ‘blue roof’ SuDS attenuation systems, and our ‘Deckdrain’ & Roofdrain’ drainage/reservoir boards for all roof and podium applications.

For more information on SoPHE please visit their website