BALI celebrates World Green Roof Day with Mark Shaw of Geogreen Solutions

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) interviewed BALI Registered Mark Shaw of GeoGreen Solutions and Chris Bridgman of Bridgman and Bridgman LLP on the topic of green roofing in the lead up to World Green Roof Day on Saturday 6 June 2020. Read the article to find out their favourite green roofs projects, the importance of green roofs and the positive environmental impact they can have.

Mark Shaw discusses why green roofs are important to the environment

Mark Shaw, Geo Green Solutions

“When a green roof is designed and installed correctly, not only is it extremely pleasing to the eye, it brings an array of colour to an otherwise bland grey roof. They also offer a considerable amount of benefits to the environment by such as:

  • Reducing Co2 – Green vegetation absorbs the harmful Co2 within the atmosphere
  • Creating oxygen – Plants use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis
  • Roof lifespan – Is increased owing to being protected from ultraviolet light, rain and adverse temperatures
  • Added Insulation – A green roof reduces the amount of heat lost from a building resulting in energy saving
  • Noise reduction – Vegetation absorbs and helps to reduce the noise in the surrounding area
  • Heat reduction – Vegetation helps to reduce the surface heat within built up areas
  • Increased habitat – Creating an environment for insects and birds, an extension of the garden.”

Read the full interview on the BALI website here