SuDS Ground Attenuation

Heavy Duty Tank, EcoBloc - Travis Perkins, Beddington Lane, Croydon, UK

Client Travis Perkins

Hobart / Geogreen Solutions

Consultant JPP

EcoBloc Inspect


Terrex NW Geotextile



  • 96% void optimising storage capacity
  • Light units for fast installation
  • High loading capacity allowing use in HGV areas
  • Stackable units saving on delivery costs

Project Description

This tight industrial site has been developed by Travis Perkins Group as a new branch to service the Croydon area. To make the scheme viable as much of the site as possible had to be made available for commercial activity, while at the same time providing capacity to manage storm water from significant rainfall events.

The Challenge

The site is situated between a built up area of industrial units with associated parking and lorry access. The local landfill and Beddington sewage works is adjacent. This leaves little room to accommodate amenity SuDS features to meet the run-off restrictions imposed by planning in this environmentally sensitive area.

Infiltration tests showed little scope for permeable pavements or soakaways, so attenuation tanks were selected as the most suitable option to provide sufficient storage. However, the areas identified as best suited to accommodate the tanks formed part of the hard standing HGV delivery area in front of the two main doors of the building. This meant that the area was subject to very high loads and lots of vehicle movements each day.

Many attenuation tanks are unable to cope with such high loads. Other tanks are supplied pre-assembled which means they are difficult to transport, so even a small scheme could need multiple deliveries at additional inconvenience and cost.

The Solution

After a detailed discussion and assessment of the site requirements, ABG provided designs for two tanks both using ABG EcoBloc Maxx. ABG EcoBloc Maxx SuDS tank gives the required storage volume while also being able to cope with the HGV loading. Following a discrete excavation the bed was levelled using sand and compacted, then overlain with Alphaline LLDPE impermeable liner. The liner was sealed and then protected using ABG Terrex protection geotextile. The modular stackable units meant minimal space was used for storage on the site between delivery and installation.

Subcontractor Geogreen Solutions were able to install the SuDS attenuation tanks at short notice over two day visits to suit the site program.

The ABG Service

Full design and supply of an optimised system and the facilitation of installation at short notice.

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