SuDS Permeable Paving

Overflow Parking, Sudspave - Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, UK

Client National Trust

P C Casey

Consultant TEP

Sudspave 40 Permeable Pavers

Terrex NW Geotextile

Abweb Geocell

Abgrid Geogrid



  • Permeable car parking surface
  • High level of infiltration
  • Compatible with grass or gravel finish

Project Description

Established in 1784 by owner Samuel Greg, Quarry Bank Mill in Styal is now run by the National Trust, the heritage site has a number of attractions, including the most powerful working water wheel in Europe. Large numbers of visitors arrive everyday, and overflow car parks were being used extensively, so an extension to the car park was added in 2017.

The Challenge

The overflow car parking turned to mud very quickly with daily use so the National Trust decided to invest in a dedicated parking area. An impermeable tarmac car park would generate large volumes of surface water run-off during heavy rainfall events. To control this would require either large underground storage tanks, or the creation of surface water features such as ponds and swales. Tanks were deemed risky due to the unknown ground conditions, and surface features required a large land take which would have reduced the available parking. It became clear it would be best to use a permeable surface. A solution had to be found that provided a good running surface, while allowing high levels of infiltration through both grass and gravel filled areas.

The Solution

ABG Sudspave porous pavers were chosen to provide a SuDS permeable car park surface that would allow storm water to infiltrate, while maintain a top quality running surface. Sudspave paving grids also provided flexibility so the bays could be finished with grass or gravel in different areas.

The positive lug and slot connection and flat bottom profile of Sudspave porous plastic grids means quick and easy installation, with no extra fixing or pinning operation required. Sudspave plastic paving grids can be easily cut on site, so achieving the aesthetically pleasing curves across the car parking bays proved straightforward.

The ABG Service

ABG takes a holistic approach to permeable paving solutions and the technical team considered the subsoil strength and permeability in conjunction with the surface durability and overall finish. ABG assisted the contractor with the approval process for durability and environmental impact considerations for this prestigious and busy site.

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