Landfill Capping

All-in-One Capping Layer, Pozidrain SKL - Sutton Landfill, Ashfield, UK

Client SUEZ UK (formerly Sita UK)


Consultant CEEMA





– All-in-one drainage & capping barrier
– High flow capacity in all directions
– Specially adapted geocomposite with integral geomembrane overlaps
– Large rolls for fast installation

Project Description

The Sutton landfill site is situated in the Ashfield district of Nottinghamshire, UK. The facility has, since the 1970s, fulfilled landfill requirements for residents and commercial contractors between Nottingham and Mansfield.

When licensed capacity of the landfill was reached it was important to efficiently manage the leachate. Leachate generation rates are primarily dependent upon the quantity of precipitation that enters the landfill through infiltration. Therefore, it was essential to install an effective cap that would intercept and drain rainwater in order to reduce leachate generation.

Landfill operator Sita UK (now Suez UK) approached Ceema Consultancy to design a final capping system for the site.

The Challenge

Sutton landfill required a safe and permanent geosynthetic capping system including 1m of soil cover in order to prevent ground water pollution.

The required geosynthetic capping layer needed to prevent the infiltration of water, be quick to install and meet Environment Agency requirements. The challenge was to produce a cost effective design that met environmental standards, providing an adequate barrier with excellent drainage performance, whilst avoiding the use of multiple geosynthetic layers or drainage stone.

The Solution

The designer worked with ABG to develop a geosynthetic capping solution that would provide the required drainage flow capacity and an effective capping barrier to ensure long term performance.

The unique all-in-one ABG Pozidrain 6SKL250D/NW8 geocomposite drainage and capping barrier was specified by the designer and approved by the Environment Agency. The high performance geocomposite drainage and capping barrier comprises an impermeable back HDPE cuspated drainage core with an extended flat selvedge for overlapping, and geotextiles bonded on both sides.

The ABG Pozidrain geocomposite was installed on top of the 200mm of blinding material and covered with 1m of soil. The capping was completed without any stability problems and drainage performance was as expected.

ABG Pozidrain SKL Drainage Geocomposite

The ABG Service

ABG provided design assistance, including slope stability and flow capacity calculations.

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