Green Roof

Extensive - Center Parcs, Woburn, UK

Client Center Parcs

Birse Civils / Geogreen Solutions

Consultant Holder Mathias





– Promotes diversity
– Temperature regulation
– Noise insulation
– Protects waterproof system


Center Parcs, Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire is the latest addition to Center Parcs UK resorts. Like many of their resorts it is set in woodlands drawing inspiration in its design from the surrounding environment. The development opened in June 2014 and represents a total investment of £250m.

Creating and managing biodiversity is at the heart of the philosophy of Center Parcs. It is considered fundamental to the guest experience and is a key element of the Center Parcs villages that the design both protects and enhances the environment in which the village is set.

The Challenge

Architects Holder Mathias planned the inclusion of several extensive green roofs across three structures within the complex including The Pancake House, Aqua Sana Spa and The Venue (a dedicated event space, with theatre style seating for up to 800 people) comprising eight individual and flexible event suites, and a business centre, Jardin des Sports, and service yard canopy roof. The Plaza has one of the largest green roofs in the UK at 8,500m2.

The Solution

Working for the main contractor, Bowmer and Kirkland, Geogreen Solutions installed the ABG Roofdrain drainage and storage layer overlain by the green roof growing medium before hydro-seeding or planting plug-plants across the roof area.

Roofdrain is a high performance drainage composite which forms a highly efficient drainage void above the waterproofing whilst also providing water storage to irrigate the planting during periods of dry weather.

ABG Roofdrain comprises a cuspated HDPE drainage core onto which a geotextile filter fabric is bonded. The filter fabric allows water to percolate through the roof build up and into the void formed by the core whilst stopping fines entering the drainage system.

The ABG Growing Media is specially developed for use on roof structures. It comprises a blend of crushed brick and organic waste materials and is designed to provide the nutrients required to ensure the establishment of healthy vegetation across the green roof structure. Following installation, Geogreen were retained on a maintenance contract requiring four visits in the first year following installation, and then an on-going contract requiring two visits per year to ensure the roof remains healthy and free from weeds.

ABG Green Plug Plant Roof System including ABG Roofdrain water retaining board.

The ABG Service

ABG designed the detail of the system including careful selection of plant species to blend with the local environment.

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