Erosion Control 

Flood Embankment, Erosamat, Greatham, Hartlepool, UK

Project Information

Client:Environment Agency
Contractor:Birse Civils
Product:Erosamat 3/20Z 500
Benefits:- Speed of installation
- Extended project life of the embankment
- Long term solution to the problem of surface erosion

Project Description

The Greatham Managed Realignment Scheme was part of the Environment Agency’s wider “Tees Tidal Flood Risk Management Strategy” which imposed a legal requirement upon the Environment Agency to deliver intertidal habitats as compensation for the impact(s) of flood management projects. The scheme essentially involved the raising, improving and remodelling of existing flood embankments and the construction of a new flood embankment along the West side of the A178.

The Challenge

The challenge for the overall scheme was to combine a flood defence strategy with habitat improvements. As part of this, the challenge for the works was to construct embankments 2.5m high and with 1 in 3.5 to 1 in 4 side slopes composed of predominantly site won material (from borrow pit).

The size, scale and nature of the works dictated that a tight time scale was maintained and that readily available high specification and high performance materials were utilised to ensure a rapid return to the previous natural state.

The Solution

The original design incorporated a biodegradable mat, it was assessed that a permanent reinforcing product was demanded. ABG’s Erosamat Type 3 turf reinforcement mat was chosen by the consulting engineer. Comprising a three-dimensional structure of entangled filaments, Erosamat erosion control geosynthetic was selected which forms a permanent composite with the natural vegetative root structure supporting a robust sward of selected grasses.

Erosamat Type 3 erosion control matting

Erosamat Type 3 Erosion Control Matting

The ABG Service

ABG Provided full specification and design support to aid the approval process.

Contact ABG today to discuss your project specific erosion control requirements and discover how ABG past experience and innovative products can help on your project.

Topsoil filling of Erosamat turf reinforcement matTopsoil filling of Erosamat turf reinforcement mat
Early retention of soil and seeds encouraging early germinationEarly retention of soil and seeds encouraging early germination
Composite root structure supporting healthy and sustainable vegetationComposite root structure supporting healthy and sustainable vegetation


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