Cutting Drainage & Reinforcement

Erosaweb & Fildrain - Luton Dunstable Busway, Bedfordshire, UK

Client Luton Borough Council

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Consultant BAM Nuttall

Erosaweb Geocell

Fildrain – Earthworks & Embankments


– Steep slope stabilisation
– Sub-formation capping, drainage and reinforcement
– Large rolls for rapid installation

Project Description

Luton Dunstable Busway is a new fixed bus route that connects the two Bedfordshire towns. Much of the route runs along the line of a disused railway, parallel to the A505 and A5065. The busway comprises a twin track approximately 6 metres wide, allowing vehicles to travel in both directions.

Each track consists of 180mm high kerbs on each side which the guide wheels run along, and a concrete base to support the rear wheels.

The guideway itself will have a low noise surface which, together with appropriate landscaping, noise barriers and other engineering measures, will minimise the impact on neighbouring properties.

The Challenge

The Busway is built along a disused single track rail line, much of it contained within the cutting. In order to fit the 6m wide concrete busway plus the required safe zone, without extending land take outside the existing boundary, it was necessary to steepen the slope along both sides whilst maintaining their green finish and ensuring the stability of the slopes.

The second challenge was the drainage requirement beneath the pre-cast concrete busway, since using a layer of drainage stone would have implications on the volume of material that would need to be excavated and carried from site, as well as the cost of importing the stone to site.

The Solution

ABG’s Erosaweb geocell was chosen as three dimensional geocells are specifically designed to contain topsoil within their cellular structure, allowing vegetation to establish whilst providing long term erosion control along with the required aesthetic finish.

ABG’s Erosaweb geocell was chosen as three dimensional geocells are specifically designed to contain topsoil within their cellular structure

ABG’s Fildrain drainage geocomposite was laid horizontally beneath the concrete construction. ABG Fildrain geocomposite provided the required drainage capacity at a fraction of the depth required for stone, saving material movements to and from site.

Fildrain was delivered to site in large rolls and was quickly and easily installed without the need for specialist plant or training. Fildrain drainage geocomposite provided capping, reinforcement and drainage functions, helping to achieve the load bearing capacity required in the sub-formation.

Both the Erosaweb Geocell and Fildrain geocomposite solutions enabled significant savings and reduction of the environmental impact during construction.

The ABG Service

ABG provided technical advice and design assistance.

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