SuDS – Sustainable Drainage Systems

Historically, new development has involved the construction of large areas of impermeable surfaces including concrete and asphalt pavements, drives, paths and car parking areas. This has created urban flooding by overloading our existing rainwater and sewerage systems through stormwater run-off. This disregard for natural infiltration into the sub-soil and source control has significantly contributed to the increasing occurrence of extreme flooding events. Polluted run-off also contributes to extensive river pollution and limits groundwater recharge.

ABG Geosynthetics have developed creative sustainable approaches in the innovative design of hybrid (both above and below ground) Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) where storm water is effectively managed, and when viable utilised as a valuable natural resource.

SuDS source control techniques, such as porous paving and green/blue roofs play a significant role in reducing flood risk by managing storm water naturally and alleviating the burden on our existing, failing drainage infrastructure.

In addition to incorporating SuDS into all new development, the greatest challenge is the clear need to retrofit SuDS within existing infrastructure. This is essential if we are to achieve our objectives of flood risk management and improved water quality, as well as using water as a resource to improve the environment, promote biodiversity and adapt to ongoing climate change.

Typical applications

  • Retail Developments
  • Retrofit SuDS
  • New Build SuDS
  • Run off control
  • Park and Ride
  • Highway Developments
  • Rainwater collection


  • Run-off control
  • Biodiversity
  • Contaminant removal
  • Filtration
  • Surface water management
  • High levels of infiltration
  • Reduced flooding

Typical Clients

  • Developers
  • Local Authorities
  • Landscapers
  • Earthworks Contractors
  • Housebuilders

ABG provide various geosynthetic solutions to help manage storm water run-off within a SuDS development including:

Porous Surfaces

The benefits of geosynthetics to the construction of porous pavings are well documented; allowing pavements to be constructed using less imported stone, improving water quality through filtration and allowing pavements to be used for the attenuation of collected surface water.

Sudspave porous pavers are used for grass and gravel car parking, access roads and paths. Truckcell heavy-duty paving grids are ideal for HGV, lorry, coach and bus access roads and parking areas. Advanced Turf is a reinforced rootzone system that strengthens grass prone to rutting and wear caused by pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Roof Drainage – Blue & Green

Geosynthetics are an integral element of green and blue roof construction, creating the drainage and attenuation capacity whilst having a positive impact on the quality of water discharged from the roof.

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