Filtration, Separation and Protection

Geotextiles perform the functions of separation and filtration in the construction of subbase granular layers. Geotextiles are permeable and allow water to filter through, while blocking larger stone or soil particles from passing through. This separator / filter function prevents the intermixing of granular subbase layers and the passage of stone particles that could cause the failure of the surface or pavement structure. Geotextiles are used to provide protection and puncture resistance to membranes in landfills, green roof systems and drainage layers.

ABG geotextiles are used in many civil engineering and construction applications; including the construction of roads, highways, pavements, rail permanent way, slopes, car parks, landfill, coastal defences and sustainable urban drainage systems. Our experienced civil engineers are on hand to advise the correct solution to your unique application.

Typical applications


  • Separation of granular stone layers
  • Filtration of water within drainage systems
  • Protection of membrane layers
  • Reduces the requirement for stone construction layers
  • Reduces the environmental impact of construction

Typical Client Profile

  • Highway engineers and road construction contractors
  • Landfill and waste management engineers
  • Landscape architects
  • Sustainable building specifiers
  • Railway engineers and contractors
  • Coastal protection engineers

ABG provide geosynthetic solutions for filtration, separation and protection functions within construction and civil engineering applications.

Filter Separator Geotextiles

Terrex NW geotextiles are non-woven, needle punched, heat treated fabrics designed to offer optimum performance. High mechanical strength and hydraulic properties making them the ideal choice for separation and filtration applications.

Abtex SG is a range of woven geotextiles for applications from basic separation functions to reinforcement of earth structures.

Protection Geotextiles

Terrex SNW geotextiles are thick filter / protection fabrics that offer outstanding performance at minimum weight. When compared to other needle punched geotextiles of similar weight, Terrex SNW provides superior puncture resistance and is ideal for liner protection, basal geomembrane protection and coastal protection applications.

Terrex SNW geotextile protecting the waterproof geomembrane


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