Environmental Drainage

It is important to protect the environment from both natural and man-made hazards as land is developed, and protecting new developments from existing hazards in the ground can be just as important.

ABG have a range of geosynthetic products that provide robust, cost-effective solutions. As well as manufacturing high performance geosynthetic drainage materials, such as our Pozidrain geocomposites, we provide full technical back up for the design and installation of all our products.

Water management clearly means that drainage performance is a key factor in product selection, however consideration also needs to be given to slope stability, puncture resistance, barrier layers and a whole host of other parameters to ensure the integrity of the site.

Our expertise means ABG Geosynthetics can offer site specific solutions that meet both the regulatory and also the practical requirements of these potentially very complex applications.

Typical applications

  • Landfill capping
  • Landfill sideslope lining
  • Contaminated land remediation
  • Capillary break layers
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Mine tailings dams
  • Landfill basal lining
  • Dewatering ponds
  • Minewater treatment
  • Ash disposal
  • Leak detection


  • Create more landfill volume
  • Reduced excavation and backfill
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Factory consistent performance
  • Defined filtration performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Protection for geomembrane liners
  • Massively reduced traffic volumes compared to using drainage stone

Typical Client Profile

  • Landfill Operators
  • Drainage Contractors
  • Power Station Fuel Ash Dumps
  • Land Remediation Specialists
  • Drainage Engineers
  • Geomembrane Lining Installers
  • Developers

ABG provide environmental drainage solutions for the following applications:

Waste Management

Pozidrain drainage geocomposite is the original wide width, pre-formed drainage and gas venting layer. As well as providing drainage, Pozidrain is sufficiently durable and robust to provide protection and reduce physical stress on geomembranes. Pozidrain can be used to drain under cell groundwater, leachate, or surface water.

Our Terrex SNW geotextile range provides filtration and separation as well as protection.

Erosamat and Erosaweb geocells are designed to stabilise cover soils on steep slopes, or protect exposed areas while vegetation establishes.

Trigrid and Abgrid geogrids can be used to construct haul roads and access routes across landfill sites.

Capillary Break

Pozibreak is designed specifically as a drainage void layer to protect the ground above from the capillary rise of moisture from the ground below. The cuspated core maintains a void between clean and contaminated soils to prevent capillary action, while also providing very high multi-directional flow.

In desert or arid regions Pozibreak is used as a salt barrier to prevent saline water manifesting at the surface and causing problems in clean cultivated soils. It can also be used to prevent clean water being drawn into the freeze/thaw zone at the surface, which prevents the formation of ice lenses and the subsequent surface collapse when the ice melts.

Contaminated Land

Pozidrain has a number of applications as part of a risk based approach to land remediation, and allows developers to reduce and control unacceptable risks to meet regulatory requirements. Pozidrain drainage geocomposite can be used as a capping membrane to provide a barrier to collect and drain rain water from the clean cover soils.

Mining and Leak detection

Leakdrain is a leak detection system used between primary and secondary containment barriers. Any leakage through the primary liner is intercepted by the Leakdrain and controlled to reduce the hydrostatic head on the secondary liner, and therefore minimises the risk of contaminating groundwater. Pozidrain can also be used as a leak detection layer where filtration is also required, such as under a compacted clay liner (CCL) or geosynthetic clay liner (GCL).

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