High performance drainage strips for efficient control of water on existing sports playing areas.


Turfdrain  is a preformed, high performance, drainage system designed to replace traditional pipe and filter stone drainage for beneath existing grass sports pitches. 


  • Playing fields
  • Football pitches
  • Golfcourse fairways
  • Cricket pitches,
  • Lawns,
  • Highway verges
  • Airfields.


  • Proven performance
  • Quick and easy to install
  • High performance drainage
  • Area available for use immediately after installation.
  • Can be laid with little of no gradient
  • High crush strength allows installation in shallow trenches
  • Increases area utilisation
  • Cost effective

Turfdrain provides high performance drainage capacity with an outer surface that is totally permeable allowing water to freely enter the Turfdrain.

Turfdrain is just 25mm wide and is installed in a slit trench just 35mm wide meaning less disturbance of the surface and less spoil to remove from site. The narrow trench width also allows the surface to be back in use immediately after installation.

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