Rotaflex Geogrid - Asphalt Reinforcement

Rotaflex Geogrid - Asphalt Reinforcement

Composite structure is designed to provide crack control, pavement reinforcement and prevent premature road break up.

Rotaflex Geogrid - Asphalt Reinforcement

Rotaflex is an asphalt reinforcing system designed to prevent premature road failure increasingly arising as a result of increasing axle loads. Ideal for Roads, Runways and Pavements.


  • Crack prevention
  • Joint strengthening (road widening)
  • Rut prevention
  • Reduction in overlay thickness
  • Avoid reconstruction


  • Extends pavement life
  • Cost effective
  • Binds surface together and seals pavement
  • High modulus glass fibre provides high tensile strength at low elongation 
  • Reduces the need for primary aggregates
  • Avoids threshold problems

Rotaflex asphalt reinforcement grid comprises a polymer coated glass fibre geogrid grid laminated with a polyester geotextile. It is designed to provide crack control, pavement reinforcement to prevent premature road failure. Rotaflex is a key component of sustainable road maintenance and construction.

Rotaflex works by preventing strains within asphalts reaching critical levels. When laid within an asphalt pavement it provides the four essential requirements for effective reinforcement, strengthening, sealing, excellent interlayer bond and stress absorption.

Installed correctly Rotaflex may extend pavement life by a factor of 10 and whilst continuing to both waterproof and hold the surface together.

Rotaflex Asphalt Reinforcement System

Typical Client Profile:

  • Highway Engineers & Contractors
  • Highways Authorities
  • Airport Engineers
  • Local Authority Planning Depts.

Case Studies / Recent Projects:

ABG's Rotaflex has been installed for asphalt reinforcement on the following projects:

Rotaflex Installed for reinforcing the asphalt surface of a trunk road

Rotaflex installed at Dundee airport to reinforce the asphalt runway

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An installation service is offered on Rotaflex through our Geogreen business

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