Pozidrain G

Pozidrain G

Patented core configuration allows cross directional flow to eliminate the risk of clogging associated with drainage strips.

Pozidrain G

Pozidrain G is the latest addition to the Pozidrain family of products. It is purpose designed as a cost-effective composite for use in landfill capping, for subsurface drainage and gas venting and basal lining systems for subsurface drainage and leachate management.


  • Landfill cap drainage
  • Gas venting
  • Leachate management
  • Groundwater control
  • Liner protection


  • High flow capacity in both long and cross direction
  • Enhanced interface friction performance for steep slope installations
  • Geocomposite drainage cores available in 4mm, 6mm and 7mm thickness
  • Puncture resistance designed for long term geomembrane protection
  • Compatible with geomembrane systems
  • 4.4m wide rolls for rapid installation on large areas
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Case Studies / Recent Projects:

Pozidrain G drainage geocomposite has been used in the following projects:

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Pozidrain G consists of a cuspated HDPE drainage lattice sandwiched between two layers of medium weight non-woven filter/protection geotextile. The use of a drainage lattice offers a significant advantage over other products that utilise drainage in that using a lattice structure allows for cross flow within the drainage composite.

Pozidrain G Protector offers the same lattice core but sandwiched between a layer of medium weight geotextile and a layer of heavy weight protection geotextile making it suitable for use under high loads, such as in basal lining systems.

The Pozidrain G composites provide both liner protection and excellent drainage capacity through both the longitudinal and cross members. Unlike other systems that utilise narrow strips of drainage core sandwiched within geotextile layers this gives the ability for flow to transfer from one member to another through the lateral channels which enables continuity of flow throughout the system, even in the event of a blockage forming.

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