Gridtex Geotextile

Gridtex Geotextile

High performance weave is capable of performing many functions of a geogrid whilst offering the benefits of a woven geotextile.

Gridtex Geotextile

Gridtex is a high performance woven geotextile engineered for reinforcement applications and is ideal for strengthening a wide range of soils. It is capable of fulfilling many of the functions required of a geogrid whilst at the same time offering all the benefits of a woven geotextile.


  • Base course reinforcement
  • Steep sided soil embankments
  • Load transfer platforms
  • Void spanning
  • Sludge lagoon closures
  • Trench covers


  • High surface friction
  • Allows thinner construction depths
  • Cost effective
  • High strength

Gridtex has an extremely high surface friction which interacts fully with adjacent aggregate materials without the necessity for the interlock often required in a geogrid. Reinforcing the aggregate layers allows the use of a thinner construction depth which offers cost savings on the project as well as reducing the environmental impact.

Gridtex has equivalent capacity at low strain to geogrid products with similar strength grading. However, the increased ultimate tensile strength provides additional security to the construction.

Using Gridtex provides cost effective tensile reinforcement for base courses, steep sided soil embankments and retaining walls. It can also be used for foundation reinforcement of earth embankments, load transfer platforms, spanning voids and sink holes, for sludge lagoon closures, trench covers and beds

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