Fildrain Fin Drains

ABG Fildrain - Findrain geocomposite from ABG Geosynthetics

Fildrain findrain has a unique drainage core that collects and channels liquids and gases to a carrier pipe for transportation to a suitable discharge point.

Fildrain Fin Drains

Fildrain findrain drainage geocomposite is a cost effective alternative to traditional stone drainage. It collects and channels liquids and gases to a carrier pipe for transportation to a suitable discharge point. Fildrain fin drain has many applications in highway and embankment drainage.


• Edge of carriageway drainage system to DFT figure F18
• Combined surface and sub-surface drainage
• Embankment basal and consolidation layer
• Drainage to concrete channels to DFT HCD figure F21
• Toe of batter drainage 
• Cut off drain
• Embankment counterfort drain


• Cost effective
• High water flows compared to traditional drainage stone
• Space saving, narrow trench requirement
• Re-use of site won excavated material
• Reduction or elimination of drainage stone
• Speed up consolidation
• Rapid installation
• Allows water flow in all directions
• Reduction in haulage requirements

Case Studies / Recent Projects:

ABG Fildrain Geocomposites have provided drainage solutions on the following projects:

Fildrain findrains provide a very high flow capacity, many times that of traditional crushed stone (specific data is available). This is due to the unique open structure created by the dimpled construction which allows unhindered water flow. 

The Fildrain range of fin drain drainage products have many applications and are typically used for the drainage of highway edges, car parks, rail, airfields and similar applications.

Fildrain applications in the drainage of embankments and reinforced earth structures include cut-off trenches and landscape applications where a narrow trench is dug and the fin drain placed within and backfilled using excavated materials. Fildrain can also be used horizontally in place of a granular starter layer, as well as to relieve pore pressure and accelerate consolidation. We have achieved consolidation on projects in just 25% of the time expected with granular fill.

Fildrain fin drains can also be used as the basis of a gas collection system beneath man made reservoirs and snow water ponds.

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