Dekotex Geogrid - Bridge Deck Indicator

Dekotex Geogrid - Bridge Deck Indicator

High visibility orange grid provides visual protection to bridge deck waterproofing systems.

Dekotex Geogrid - Bridge Deck Indicator

Dekotex indicator layer is designed specifically for use in bridge deck construction to act as warning layer to protect bridge deck waterproofing during resurfacing or repair work.


  • High visibity warning layer for bridge deck waterproofing
  • Warning for shallow service cables


  • Easy to install
  • High visibility

Dekotex indicator layer is a self-adhesive glass fibre coloured bright orange for high visibility to quickly show in any arisings during excavation or resurfacing works on bridge decks.

Traditionally, bridge deck waterproofing has been protected by a red asphalt sand carpet which can be expensive and difficult to obtain in small quantities. During planing or excavation, red asphalt may not have sufficient contrast to immediately alert the operative. However, Dekotex indicator layer will quickly show in the arisings and warn of the proximity of the substrate to be protected.

Also available is ABG Abtex TC; an orange woven geotextile fabric that provides the same function in unbonded materials and soils.

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