Unique drainage core replaces requirement for stone filter layers whilst giving superior flow. Filter geotextile prevents clogging of the core.


Deckdrain is a high performance drainage system designed to replaces stone drainage layers. Deckdrain has been specifically developed to provide high flow capacity and added protection to waterproofing.


  • Relieve external water pressure from buried structures.
  • Drainage behind retaining walls
  • Potable water reservoir roofs and walls,
  • Tunnels drainage.
  • Roofgarden drainage
  • Block paving drainage.
  • Relief of uplift pressure beneath tanks, slabsand culverts.
  • Capillary break layer below base slabs.


  • Horizontal or vertical drainage applications
  • Thinner drainage layers when compared to traditional solutions
  • Reduced deadload on structure means thinner slabs are possible
  • High, factory constant flow capacity
  • Rapid installation
  • Enhances the performance of structural waterproofing by providing an additional barrier that prevents the majority of the water reaching the liner.
  • High CBR puncture resistance of Deckdrain® provides protection.
  • Allows use of lower specification backfill
  • Reduced traffic volumes when compared with stone

Deckdrain  consists of a high strength flexible polyethylene cuspated core with a non-woven geotextile bonded onto one or either side. The geotextile filters a wide range of materials whilst allowing the free ingress of fluids into the core of the geocomposite before draining to a discharge point.

The HDPE core of Deckdrain geocomposite provides a free flowing drainage void within the structure. The studs are designed to support the geotextile which is bonded to the core to ensure that it doesn't deform into the drainage passage under the pressure of the fill material. Unlike in pipes this geocomposite drainage core design allows flow in all directions, .

Deckdrain is durable and sufficiently robust to resist the mechanical stresses imposed during installation and then on throughout its design life. Use of Deckdrain eliminates the need for further protection of the waterproofing system.


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