Composite structure offers a thin, flexible and clean lining system that is easily transported and installed.


Claymat GCLs are used to provide a liquid and/or gas barrier in a wide range of environmental and civil engineering applications where containment barriers are required.


  • Landfill lining and capping
  • Reservoirs
  • Canals
  • SuDS Swales
  • Ornamental ponds
  • Attenuation ponds
  • Fuel spillage containment
  • Waterproofing structures
  • Highway and Rail balancing ponds


  • Self seaming (no specialist installation required)
  • Self healing if punctured
  • Saves landfill volume compared to compacted clay liners
  • Compatible with HDPE secondary liners
  • Not affected by differential settlement
  • Not affected by freeze/thaw, wet/dry cycles.
  • Excellent resistance to fertilisers, fuel oils, chemicals, etc

Claymat GCLs have many applications in landfill lining and capping, reservoirs, canals, ornamental ponds, highway balancing reservoirs and retention ponds. Claymat GCLs can also be used in the environmental lining of roads and projects in contaminated land, fuel spillage containment, cut off trenches and waterproofing.

Sodium bentonite has long been recognised as the ideal impermeable barrier material. Claymat GCL provides the barrier properties of bentonite in a convenient sandwich between two layers of geotextile needle punched together. 

The upper cover textile is a white non-woven polypropylene and the lower carrier textile is a woven polypropylene. The result is a GCL that is thin, flexible clean and is easily transported and installed.

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