Blue Roof Systems

ABG blue roof Blue Roof System for Green Roofs from ABG geosynthetics

ABG blueroof utilises proven ABG products to provide water attenuation within the roof build up

Blue Roof Systems

blueroof offers a new concept in the management of storm water. Changing weather patterns means rainfall events have become more extreme challenging the way water is managed. blueroof utilises the roof construction for the attenuation of storm water releasing it at a controlled rate in the period following the storm. 


  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Offices
  • Domestic
  • Retail
  • Distribution


  • Reduces land take
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces earth works requirements
  • Sustainable
  • Helps BREEAM Points
  • SuDS Compliant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Controls storm-water run-off

Traditional roof drainage methods have allowed rain water to simply run off the building and into storm water sewers or natural water courses, this lack of management is a major factor in the rising number of flood events occurring throughout the country. The adoption of SuDS within legislation forces designers to pay more attention to how the rain water is managed. 

There are many techniques available but the provision of attenuation within the site remains a central tenet in the design. Many projects have utilised a underground storage unit, usually constructed using a proprietary ‘box’ system but these are not always cost effective, often require extensive civil engineering works and take up valuable land space, not always available particularly on inner city developments.

ABG's blueroof System offers a new concept in the management of storm water.

Case Studies / Recent Projects:

ABG blueroof Blue Roof System has been installed on the following projects:

blueroof offers a radical rethink in roof drainage; the emphasis is switched to utilising the space to provide attenuation capacity rather than quickly moving the water elsewhere. Water attenuated within the roof area can then be release at a controlled rate through a bespoke restrictor outlet designed specifically to offer variable discharge rates and keep the flow off the site within the levels set by the local authority as part of the discharge consent.

ABG'S patented blueroof system can be incorporated in to a landscaped podium area, a green roof construction or as a stand alone system on a traditional ballasted roof.

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Read the NFRC Guidance notes for Blue Roofs

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