Browse through some of our recent sustainable paving projects. From SuDS source control compliant gravel and grass car parks,fire access truck and cherry picker access routes on grass to heavy duty permeable paving blocks to support cranes constructing turbines on a wind farm.

Sudspave porous paving for a retained permeable gravel car parking bay

Permeable Park & Ride Surface

Project Application:Permeable grass and gravel car parking bays
Truro, Cornwall. England
BenefitsA Cost effective SuDS compliant solution incorporating grass and gravel porous paving

Within the general parking bay areas, approximately 17,000m2 of Sudspave 40 was selected to provide stabilised gravel and grass surfaces underlain by the appropriate bedding layer and a ‘DOT Type 3’ free-draining sub-base layer.

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Permeable Crane Hardstanding

Project Application:Permeable Crane Hardstandings for wind turbine installation
Wadlow Wind Farm, Cambridgeshire
Truckcell recycled plastic blocks

- Greater volume and quality of  grass establishment
- SuDS solution returning stormwater to the natural water table
- Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic

Truckcell porous plastic paving system, supported by a free draining sub base,  to surface 50% of each of the 13 crane hardstandings was chosen. 

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Fire Engine / Emergency Vehicle Access over Grass

Project Application:Fire Engine, Emergency Vehicle and Cherry Picker Access over grass
Goodricke Campus, York University, UK
Advanced Turf System : ATS400/B
BenefitsLoad Bearing for HGV’s
Free-draining (SuDS Source Control)
Resists deformation and compaction
Discreetly reinforced, no trip hazards

Advanced Turf grass reinforcement mesh system met the client’s sustainability requirements, providing a natural and discreet, free-draining (SuDS Source Control) reinforced grass solution. The necessary high load bearing capacity for HGV loadings was easily achieved by Advanced Turf.

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300 tonne crane300 tonne crane
Permanent Entrance areaPermanent Entrance area

Permeable Crane Access Routes

Scheme Name:Secure Technology and Research Centre
Application:Permeable surface for access routes across the site
South East England
Truckcell permeable paving
BenefitsCost-effective permeable surface
Heavy load-bearing 

Truckcell was used to create access routes across the site as a cost effective permeable surface that is robust enough to allow passage of 150t to 300t cranes through multiple construction phases. 

Grassed filled heavy duty porous plastic pavers for a crane hardstandings on a wind turbine

Porous Grass Crane Hardstanding

Project Application:Porous crane hardstandings with a grassed finish for wind turbine installation
Denbrook Wind Farm, Devon
Truckcell 80 recycled permeable plastic block paving
BenefitsCapable of withstanding trafficking by 750 tonne cranes
Ease of manual handling of blocks
Once seeded the grass infill will help achieve a low visual profile
A SuDS solution returning stormwater to the natural water table
Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic

Truckcell 80 porous plastic paving system was used to construct all nine of the 40m x 20m crane hardstandings during and after the construction of the wind turbines on this wind farm project in Devon. The recycled plastic paver cells were infilled with topsoil and seeded to provide a natural reinforced grass surface, capable of providing permeability while providing the high level of load bearing required to support the cranes.

Read the full case study.

Porous Gravel Car Park & Access Road

Project Application:Permeable gravel car parking surfaces
University of Derby
Sudspave Porous Paving Grids
BenefitsA SuDS compliant free-draining permeable car park that retained gravel with the porous plastic paving cells

Sudspave gravel paving system was installed over a free draining DOT Type 3 sub-base designed to allow surface water to infiltrate through to the underlying soils, whilst providing a solid ground stabilised car park and access road surface.

Read the full Derby University Sudspave car park case study


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