ABG has 30 years experience of utilising geosynthetics to enable projects to be built quicker, cheaper, more sustainably or even built at all.

Many of those solutions were innovative and are still new to some Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Planners. Whether your project is ordinary or out of the ordinary, we will be pleased to offer advice and assistance.

Below are a selection of case studies of projects where ABG products have been used to provide solutions to various civil engineering, landscaping and building applications. Applications include containment, drainage, separation, reinforcement, erosion control, retaining walls, stabilisation, protection and SuDS.

Landfill Containment & Drainage

Landfill Capping Drainage, Hedco Landfill, Liverpool, UK
Pozidrain Drainage Geocomposite

Landfill Capping Steep Slopes, Swansea, UK
Pozidrain G Drainage Geocomposite

Landfill Basal Drainage, Lean Quarry, Cornwall, UK
Pozidrain Protector Drainage Geocomposite

Capping Steep Landfill Slopes, Ebbw Vale, UK
Pozidrain G Drainage Geocomposite

Landfill Capping Drainage, Victoria, Australia
Pozidrain Drainage Geocomposite

Landfill Capping Drainage, Lamby Way, Cardiff UK
Pozidrain Drainage Geocomposite

Landfill Capping Drainage, Sundon Landfill, Luton, UK
Pozidrain Drainage Geocomposite


Ground Stabilisation over Soft Ground, Bredbury, Manchester UK
Abgrid Biaxial Geogrid & Terrex NW Geotextile

Mining and Coal Ash

Coal Ash Containment, Morupule A Power Station, Botswana
Pozidrain Drainage Geocomposite

Coal Ash Containment Basal and Capping, Jorf Lasfar, Morocco
Pozidrain Drainage Geocomposite


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